Bullet Resistant Windows

Bullet Resistant Windows for Architects

For businesses that transact cash, the security of employees is of top importance. Whether workers are handling an overnight shift or selling tickets to large crowds at sporting events, workers can more easily perform their jobs if they know they’re safe. Read More

Bullet-Proof Security Windows

When it comes to bullet-resistant windows, businesses are concerned both with securing workers and ensuring customers are presented with an attractive payment window area. We provide a variety of bullet-resistant window options to help your business reach both of those goals. There are several looks you can choose, including:

  • Exterior windows—Ideal for a facility that offers walk-up or drive-thru services to customers who are outside of the building, it’s important to choose an exterior window that provides both functionality and protection against the elements.
  • Night windows—For businesses that allow customers to make night deposits, our night windows provide protection against bullets while also being easy for customers to use. Options are available with talk-thrus and hinged deal trays to improve transactions.
  • Vision windows—Vision windows provide security and easy communication without deal trays or exchanges. These are perfect for those businesses that have no need to exchange items or payment.
  • Exchange windows—For some businesses, items are too large to pass through a deal tray. Exchange windows provide a transaction area built into the larger window.
  • Flip windows—A flip window keeps outside air outside when customers aren’t present. This window is typically used by businesses that transact large items, as in drive-thru restaurants.

Each window is manufactured to our highest-quality standard, using stainless steel, bullet-resistant glass, and weather-stripping to keep energy costs as low as possible. Because of this, each window we install provides years of safe use, while also keeping high-traffic areas of businesses as visually appealing as possible.

With such a large selection of window types, businesses can find the perfect solution to meet their needs.

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