Deal Trays

Deal Trays to Meet Your Business Needs

From banks to gas station convenience booths, businesses of all types have a need to keep employees safe while still allowing items to be passed from worker to customer. To remain as safe as possible, businesses should choose the smallest deal tray necessary to pass its largest items. Read More

Protective Deal Trays

Our deal trays not only look good, they are bullet resistant as well. When surrounded by bullet-resistant glass, deal trays help protect workers while still allowing them to conduct transactions. For a long time, consumers have been in contact with deal trays at bank drive-thrus, but today they can be found at convenience stores, concert ticket sales booth, movie theater box offices, and many other locations.

Deal trays protect workers at all times, even when transactions are being performed. Even while the drawer is extended on the customer’s side, a deal tray offers bullet resistance. Depending on the size a business chooses, everything from credit cards and receipts to cigarette packs can be passed through without danger to the cashiers behind the glass.

Other Features

In addition to bullet resistance, our deal trays provide several convenience features, depending on the needs of the business and the location of the window. Some deal trays feature a slanted lid on the customer’s side to keep the internal contents safe from rain or snow. Others offer a ledge that is ideal for writing, giving customers a convenient place to sign credit card slips.

Design is another consideration for many businesses. A variety of sizes and designs are available to help improve the window’s appearance. Customers often see a service window in depth, so it’s important your business have a window that offers both protection and visual appeal.

Deal trays help businesses pass currency and merchandise from customer to cashier, while still keeping workers safe. By choosing a deal tray that fits your own business’s purposes, you’ll find employees feel safe and protected, even while working overnight.

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