Pass Thrus

Pass Thrus Provide Method for Transferring Packages Securely

As many retailers opt to put bullet-resistant windows in place to safeguard employees, companies that deal in large packages face a challenge. How can they create an area large enough to pass a package through while still maintaining top levels of protection for the workers inside? Read More

Accommodate Large and Small Packages

For some businesses, an opening large enough to accommodate an item the size of a two-liter beverage or a carton of milk is sufficient. For others, the opening must be significantly larger to accommodate large deliveries. Pass Thru windows are available in a variety of sizes and styles to help businesses meet their own unique needs. Those options include:

  • The Pass Hopper line features versatility in that it can be installed in a variety of areas. These Pass Thrus can be installed on counters, in a wall, or in a window opening. Pass Hoppers are available in several different sizes, most of which can accommodate fairly sizable items.
  • Our Pass Thru/Deal Tray Combination is a unique design that combines the design of a deal tray for currency transactions with the tilted drum tray design of a Pass Thru. Items the size of an eight-pack of drinks can fit through the Pass Thru section of this tray.
  • Package Receivers are available both with visibility panels to allow you to see the internal contents and without. Ideal for passing larger items, all Package Receivers feature an interlocking mechanism that keeps the interior door closed while the exterior door is open.
  • Exterior Lazy Susans allow items to be passed through on a turntable.
  • Other items we sell include a Safti Server that provides protection from both bullets and energy loss and a non-bullet resistant Energy Pal Pass Thru that has a pivoting shelf.

For businesses that accept items of all sizes, these Pass Thrus offer safety and convenience, while also being attractive in design. A business’s choice will likely depend on where the Pass Thru will be installed.

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