Bullet Proof Furniture for Schools

Project Description

A shocking truth

186: That’s the number of school shootings since 2013.

186 times school children have been put in danger or worse due to unexpected shooting rampages. There’s clearly a need to prevent gunfire on school grounds, but until then, there are things we can do to help keep students safe from potential threats.

This was the impetus behind the design of a special bullet proof desk by Creative Industries.

Design for a solution

The wife of co-owner Mike Clark is a school teacher – and she had an idea for a protective furniture design. So the craftsmen at CI went to work and came up with a product that provides excellent protection without looking any different from a normal desk.

How it’s made

They started with a standard size school-grade table, for both affordability and versatility. They attached two pieces of fiberglass to the top and the front of the desk to make it bullet proof.

Fiberglass cobullet resistant furnituremes in varying degree of thickness and protection – and the fiberglass they used was lab tested and strong enough to stop a .44 Magnum bullet at close range.

Next they laminated the fiberglass with a plastic coating.bullet resistant desk

The final step was to cover the surfaces with formica, to conceal the fiberglass and make it appea
r aesthetically like any other desk or table.

This added bullet resistance to both the top and the front of the desk to provide an
optimum amount of cover. It’s the same general technique banks use for construction of their bullet proof counters.

How it works

With this design, students or teachers turn over the table and kneel behind it for protection from the front and from above. It serves not only as a place of concealment, but a barrier or protection.

Creative Industries also has plans to develop a model that can be used as a door block, in case of emergency. This design can be pushed on its end to block a potential intruder.

Answering a need

“My wife had the idea, and we had the capability to create it,” said Clark. “We’re known for our bullet resistant windows, but sometimes a need will present itself in an unusual way. We like the idea of helping in any way we can, because at the end of the day, it’s about saving lives.”

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