Talk Thrus

Bullet Resistant Talk Thrus for Ticket Windows

For businesses that see customer traffic in large amounts each day, communication between workers and the public is essential. As bullet-resistant glass continues to evolve into one of the top security solutions for retailers today, we’re seeing an increasing need to create a product that keeps employees safe without getting in the way of the customer experience. Read More

Voice Transmission Talk Thrus

Built into bullet-resistant glass, Talk Thrus offer natural-sounding voice transmission without sacrificing safety. Talk Thrus are made from stainless steel, featuring small slots that are equipped with the latest technology in voice transmission. For both aesthetics and performance, businesses have a variety of choices in stainless steel Talk Thrus, each designed to meet a specific business needs. Those include:

  • No. 5-D Talk Thru: Measuring five inches in diameter, the No. 5-D Talk Thru features vertical louvers to promote voice transmission that sounds natural.
  • No. 6-D Talk Thru: Featuring circular louvers, the No. 6-D Talk Thru is also designed for maximum voice transmission, but this line measures six inches in diameter.
  • No. 5-FR Talk Thru: The No. 5-FR Talk Thru is similar to the 5-D line, but the slots are smaller in size while still providing natural voice transmission.
  • No. 6-FR Talk Thru: This line is like the No. 6-D Talk Thru with the exception that it has small holes rather than circular louvers.
  • No. 8-D Talk Thru: The No. 8-D line is especially popular with businesses whose windows face the outside of a building. The tensed clear plastic diaphragm allows for natural voice flow through the window while also eliminating air flow.
  • No. 11-D Talk Thru: This offers the same features as No. 8-D, but with a larger profile.
  • SC-100 Talk Thru: This line takes up the smallest amount of space in the window of all of the Talk Thrus, measuring only four inches in diameter. This Talk Thru utilizes two-way electronics technology to provide amplified communication.

There are great benefits to whatever product you choose; each Talk Thru provides clear, natural sound and high-quality construction.

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