4 September 2019
4 September 2019, Comments Comments Off on Are Bulletproof Doors the Future of School Security?

Bulletproof Doors Are A New Option for Schools

It’s an unfortunate fact of life in today’s modern environment that schools aren’t as safe as they once were. New kinds of threats make it so that parents and administrators need to think about new levels of security, as students are suddenly and randomly exposed to gun violence. As many recent incidents have shown there is a need to take action and protect against threats; criminals should not be able to enter a school building and take action. While one is never able to make sure that a school building and the students within will be 100% safe from any threat, schools have been looking at new bulletproof options to make sure students stay as safe as possible from any threat that might take place.

Bulletproof doors for schools and classrooms are part of a relatively new product category of school security products that are being tested and used today. Administrators are always on the lookout for new solutions, and Creative Industries is one of the leaders in creating bullet-resistant products that will be able to stand up to threats as they emerge. 

Ultimately, the goal of bulletproof doors and windows in schools are to stop a shooter from being able to attack students without resistance. With the right forms of defense in place, a shooter will be stopped before they’re able to enter into populated areas of a school and attack. Checkpoints are being created at school entrances, with front doors being locked and visitors needing to have a reason to be at the school to be let in. Having a strong security system at the entrance to the school forms the first line of defense against a shooter entering a school.

Should there be someone who gets past a school’s outer level of defenses, bulletproof technology in the forms of doors, furniture and glass come in to stand between students and anyone who would seek to harm them. Bulletproof technology is rated on a scale of one through eight by Underwriters’ Laboratory, the standard testing organization for bulletproof technology. One is the lowest level of protection, able to stand up against light handguns, and eight is the highest level, able to stand up to heavy assault from powerful weapons. Keeping bulletproof technology as strong as possible within a school can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful attack.

Across every area, bulletproof technology allows for students and instructors to feel safer and more secure. For example, the bulletproof desks designed and manufactured by Creative Industries can stand up to heavy punishment and also allows students to be able to duck behind it in an active shooter situation. Functionality that provides protection while also remaining unobtrusive in its design is the future of security in schools.

A Culture of Safety

Ultimately, bulletproof doors, as well as other pieces of bulletproof technology like windows and desks, are just one element of a culture that will keep students safe. Cultivating a culture of safety, with students and staff trained to identify suspicious behavior and drilled to know what to do in the event of an incident, helps make sure everyone stays safer. Addressing this issue is never ideal, but Creative Industries is taking a leading role in helping to make sure that schools stay secure and students feel safe and able to learn.