How Bulletproof School Entryways Prevent Shootings And Other Threats

2 October 2018
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2 October 2018, Comments Comments Off on How Bulletproof School Entryways Prevent Shootings And Other Threats

How to Use Bulletproof Glass in School Safety

Unfortunate events in recent years have made this a reality: schools need to be ready to defend against shooters and other threats to keep their students and staff safe. Bulletproof school entryways, metal detectors, and other measures have been taken nationwide to increase school safety, but how can these measures really be implemented?

Bulletproof Glass In Schools

The sobering fact is that safety can never be 100% guaranteed in life, at school or in many places. However, bulletproof glass at the point of entry in schools can help a great deal. By taking away or limiting entry to a potential shooter, a school is providing a layer of safety that can prevent and contain threats.

In addition to bulletproofing school entryways, Creative Industries offers bulletproof glass enclosures for parts of the school and even school tables.

What Is Bulletproof Glass?

Better known as bullet-resistant glass or ballistic glass, bulletproof glass is made of layers of laminated glass that appears to look like normal glass but it resistant when struck with force. It varies from ¾ of an inch to 3 ½ inches in thickness.

Commonly used in high-security areas such as jewelry stores, banks, embassies, and military vehicles, using bulletproof glass in schools has become more and more common. However, there has been pushback to the lockdown culture in some schools, so there’s room for other methods to stay safe.

Other School Safety Tips

The good news is that schools are starting to take notice. A recent study shows that 94 percent of public schools have controlled access to its school’s entryway and 92 percent have a written plan in place in the event of a shooting.

In addition to defending entryways or encasing them in bulletproof glass, here are some other measures schools can and have taken to improve safety:

  • Creating A Culture Of Safety. Do students and teachers follow procedures? Are there strict policies preventing unapproved entry? Do visitors check in at the main office? Is there an officer on-site working with school personnel?
  • Provide Training For Staff And Students. Getting everyone on the same page when it comes to lockdown and safety is important. Consider the fact that natural disaster drills (such as tornado or earthquake) have been common for decades. Today, there are other dangers to be prepared for. The more comfortable staff and students are with these procedures, the better they’ll do in case of an emergency.
  • Know The Lay Of The Land. In addition to barriers such as bulletproof glass, understanding your doors and windows is important for potential exiting, barricading or buying extra time. Does your door have glass? Which direction does it open? How big are your windows and how quickly can they open?

And while it may seem obvious, simply keeping your door locked during teaching periods is good practice. It may be an inconvenience day-to-day, but it also might be a life-saving barrier for an unwanted intruder.

Creative Industries Gives You Peace Of Mind

For an administrator, creating the safest possible environment for your school is the top priority. By implementing training, monitoring and adding physical resources, you can have peace of mind that you’re giving it your best. Bulletproof glass schools can help you upgrade school security and give your staff and students the safety that fosters a positive learning experience.

Contact us today or call 1-888-990-7044 to learn more or to discuss how we can help your school bulletproof its entryway or other areas.

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