8 August 2017
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Eighty-eight percent of all Americans shop in convenience stores. The Association of Convenience and Fuel Retailing statistics state that within that 88 percentile of American shoppers, only 6.1 percent were involved in store robberies in 2016. However, almost 80 percent of all burglaries go unsolved. With this in mind, can store owners do more to keep employees and customers safe?

Safety Practices

Burglaries typically occur at night when customer traffic is light at retail outlets like gas stations and grocery stores. Clerks occasionally work alone during graveyard shifts, handling assets like cash, liquor and lottery tickets, which makes them vulnerable. Even in the absence of bulletproof materials, store owners and attendants can avoid being victims of store robberies. Preventative techniques to discourage criminals include:

    • Making daily bank deposits
    • Having a two-person opening and closing routine
    • Adequate lighting over entrances and exits
    • Installing an appropriate alarm system and
    • Securing high-security locks on doors

By doing this, you’re sending a message that says you care about your employees and customer safety.

Burglaries, Robberies, and Theft

Burglary– entering a building illegally with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.

But what if the criminal took what he needed without paying and returned to his vehicle? It’s still theft. Approach the accused person with caution because the consequences might cost you more than the items stolen.

The wrong approach to safety can cost you your reputation. In a recent IndyStar article, for example, a local store owner decided to carry a gun for protection. During a robbery, surveillance cameras recorded the owner pointing the gun at the thief, asking him to return the items. It looked incriminating, certainly didn’t help his case, and could have lead to a deadly incident.

BulletProof Materials that Work

BulletProof materials are a better option that doesn’t have to change your store’s curb appeal. For protection with a sharp look invest in bulletproof materials like:

Windows— Ideal for late night cash transactions. This option is available with talk-thrus, hinged deal trays and exchange windows with natural voice transmission.

Talk thrus, pass thrus and drawers— Allow cashiers to complete money, alcohol and lottery transactions with bulletproof protection.

Each window is manufactured to our highest-quality standard using stainless steel, bullet-resistant glass and weather stripping to keep energy costs as low as possible. Creative Industries Inc products provide years of safe use while also keeping high-traffic areas of businesses as visually appealing as possible. Call us today!

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