20 September 2017
Comments Comments Off on Bulletproof Talk-Through Windows as Protection
20 September 2017, Comments Comments Off on Bulletproof Talk-Through Windows as Protection

How Bulletproof Talk-Through Windows Work to Protect Employees, Engage Customers

Banks, credit unions, gas stations, and convenience stores all rely on customer service delivery to keep operations profitable. At the same time, these companies face another dilemma — keeping employees safe in industries that are frequently the target of violence, including armed robberies.

The threat isn’t going away. In 2016, the FBI reported 327,374 robberies in the United States, with 40.8 percent of those involving firearms. With commercial locations making up the greatest percentage of those targets, many companies are investing in bulletproof barriers to protect their employees.

And with recent upgrades, these bullet-proof barriers now feature talk-through windows that easily accommodate interaction and conversation. Here’s a look at how different types of modern talk-through windows keep employees safe while providing technology that ensures consumers can easily communicate with your employees, whether from a bank teller’s window or a retail transaction window.


When you understand how bullet-proof glass is constructed, it’s easier to feel more confident with the level of security. Bulletproof glass, which is available in varying degrees of resistance, is much thicker than ordinary glass. The thickness can range from 1¼-inch to 1⅜-inch for standard panes of bullet-resistant glass, providing greater protection from more powerful weapons.

It consists of multiple layers of heavy, plastic glass that is able to resist and/or absorb the impact of a bullet, preventing penetration. Even with the possibility of the glass pane shattering, the plastic layers would eliminate the possibility of pieces flying apart.

Choosing Options

Many basic systems contain a similar safeguard: bulletproof acrylic is secured behind the talk hole to ensure a bullet can’t penetrate the voice partition. The lower levels of this type of system allow for communication but not at the level provided by some higher quality systems.

If your business demands quality interactions with customers, consider an upgrade to bullet-resistant windows that are equipped with stainless steel talk-through windows. The latest technology provides numerous options that allow bank tellers and other employees to be protected while retaining a natural sounding voice.

Voice transmission options can include louver-style slots, various sized holes or styles that allow sound to transmit through a sealed plastic barrier (preventing air flow), which is ideal for outdoor locations that are exposed to the elements. Some models provide amplified versions for even higher quality voice transmission.

Which is right for your business? We can help you decide. Creative Industries’ experts have more than 30 years of experience in the bullet-resistant industry. Contact us today.