How a Teacher and Her Husband try to Bulletproof School

10 July 2017
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A husband who loses a wife is called a widower. A child who loses his parents is called an orphan. There is no word for a parent who loses a child. That’s how awful the loss is.”
-Jay Neugeboren-

Federal law prohibits carrying or discharging guns within 1,000 feet of public or private school grounds unless a person is specifically authorized to do so by the state. Former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law measures allowing guns on school property in locked vehicles, according to the IndyStar. Criminals, however, don’t abide by the rules. So how then can schools be protected?

Creative Industries provides protective solutions so you and your family feel safe. We know family comes first, and that’s why we work to create protective solutions for you.  In fact,  Robin Clark is a local school teacher and wife to a team member at Creative Industries and recently asked us to create a solution for her classroom.  

State laws and gun free zone

Educators and supporters around the country are fighting state laws that permit students, staff, and faculty–who pass psychological screenings and training–to carry guns in “gun free” zones. In response, Robin asked her husband (Creative Industries Inc) if it were possible to build a bulletproof desk– a solution that didn’t involve her carrying a holster. The desk is light enough to lift, Robin explains as she attempts to lift it and says, “So it looks just looks like a regular desk. It’s heavy, so students know this is perfect and teachers know they can come in and help push this over and use it as a barrier.”

The desk provides added security for teachers and students. Robin urges anyone who is near her room during a crisis to seek sanctuary there. “I always tell my kids my primary job is to make sure I get you home to your family. I’m a mom before I’m anything else, and moms stick together,” she says.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense is a nonprofit organization that fights to protects schools across the country from state laws that permit guns on school campuses. The organization estimates that there is one homicide per year for school grades K-12. Moms aim to circumvent and change that statistic.

Bulletproofing schools using discrete materials

A person with intent to kill has no intention of following the law, therefore, finding protective solutions begins with bulletproof materials that provide a layer of protection between you and danger, because crises happen fast. Active shooting is time sensitive. The Sandy Hook shooter released 154 rounds within 5 minutes and school safety procedures need to be efficient and effective.

Many states are proactively seeking protection. According to Robin, Indiana police give presentations outlining safety procedures for students. “Limited lockdown means no one can leave the classroom,” she says. Full lock down means lights off and everyone shifts to the side of the room away from visibility of the doorway. We have different codes, like code red or code blue, which means something to the teachers and nothing to the children.Teachers then relay the message to students.”

The bulletproof desk is designed for students or teachers to turn over and kneel behind, for full coverage protection, serving as a barrier. Creative Industries is planning to develop another model that can be used as a door block. These desks may have been born out of tragedy but they give Robin, who sits on the front line of the fight, a sense of hope. “My desk makes me happy. I’d like to see it used everywhere,” she says. “When I think of Columbine and Sandy Hook, if it’s one more level of protection, then why wouldn’t we at least try.”

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