Bulletproof Windows for the Home: Not Just for Celebrities

9 August 2017
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9 August 2017, Comments Comments Off on Bulletproof Windows for the Home: Not Just for Celebrities

Certainly many celebrities, high-profile executives, and other people of prominence take extraordinary measures to protect their houses, even to the extent of creating fortress homes. Today, however, bulletproof windows and reinforcements are popular among the general population because they protect against crime, accidents, and the elements.

Break-ins can happen anywhere and there is the possibility that storm doors could get shattered in the process, but far more common are:

  • Flyaway golf balls that break picture windows
  • Landscaping accidents that damage the house and/or impact windows
  • Sun damage to hardwood floors and furniture

Many homeowners are finding that the reinforcement used by high-risk areas like financial institutions, courtrooms and retail checkout areas actually work for the house as well.

Home Protection Material and Techniques

You can fortify your home with the addition of veneers or layers for greater stability. Consider:

  • Strengthening the exterior. The siding on your house can be replaced with stone and brick, materials that are frequently used in home design/architecture and are less expensive than modern bulletproof material.
  • Reinforcing the interior. To create an additional barrier, replace drywall with fiberglass panels containing the right degree of bullet resistance.
  • Obscuring the view. At least make it difficult to reach–one way to protect occupants and possessions in your home is to add protective layers. We recommend installing bullet resistant glass in windows, some of which may be tinted or otherwise treated to diminish sunlight damage within the room.

Regardless of the type of protection you choose, you will need to decide how much reinforcement is required. There are various grades of bullet resistance available, and each works differently. Bullet resistant glass, for example, generally comes in three different formulations.

Types of Bullet Resistant Glass

  • Acrylic plastic: weighs half as much as glass and diffuses impact more effectively. Acrylic is tough but can be drilled, cut and otherwise provide stability in bullet resistant systems. It’s typically used indoors.  
  • Polycarbonate: layered with acrylic and other materials; it’s stronger but weighs 80 percent less than glass and offers greater visibility than acrylic. Polycarbonate intercepts bullets, performing like a catcher’s mitt to absorb impact, and it’s typically used inside facilities.
  • Glass-clad polycarbonate: layered polycarbonate sandwiched between glass, giving it high visibility, greater strength, and overall durability. The power of glass-clad polycarbonate is in the layering: at 1” thick, it can stop M16 or AK-47 ammunition, so it is used in dangerous outdoor scenarios, including areas prone to explosions, dangerous weather or other high impact intrusions.

Bullet resistant glass can run between $25 to $100 per square foot, so it’s best to strategize with industry experts. Creative Industries has been manufacturing bullet resistant materials for a range of applications for 47 years. Let us help; contact us today!