Project Description

 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Bullet Proof Windows

Bullet Resistant Windows installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

If you have ever been fortunate enough to experience it yourself, the roaring of the engines whipping past surrounded by a screaming crowd of nearly a quarter million people, there can be no doubt that the Indianapolis 500 truly is the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. But the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is far more than the month of May, hosting several top-tier races throughout the year and drawing fans from all over the world.

That high level of visitor traffic requires IMS to continually work on keeping their facilities maintained and up to date. This includes regular upgrades to meet changing demands and to facilitate the flow of both people and transactions.

During a recent renovation, the IMS determined a need to manufacture and install three custom-built bulletproof windows. The lead architect on the project knew precisely who to turn to for a complex project like this: the experts at Creative Industries. Over the years, Creative Industries has earned a reputation for quick turnarounds and quality craftsmanship. You might say that we have a good “track record.”

Bulletproof window designed for IMS

“They needed to fast-track these windows because there was racing coming up,” says Mark Clark, co-owner of Creative Industries, along with his brother, Mike Clark. “We’d worked with this architect before and he knew we could do the special configuration they wanted, and get it done quickly.”

Architects, contractors, and engineers know that they can rely on the experience and expertise of Creative Industries to deliver quality protective products. Specifiers choose Creative Industries for the consistent quality of their products and their depth of industry knowledge as well as their agility on quick turnaround projects. Having earned the architect’s trust over previous successful projects, it was easy to trust Creative Industries with a high profile client like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
The IMS exchange windows feature lazy Susans and larger-than-normal pass-thus to facilitate the high volume they experience on race days. On top of that, all of this was delivered to spec within two weeks of the initial order. Contact Creative Industries today to learn more about exchange windows and other bulletproof glass products.