Project Description

 Plainfield High School
Bullet Proof Windows

Creative Industries Provides High School Stadium Windows

When the town of Plainfield built a brand new high school a few years ago, they needed a facility that would accommodate the quickly growing population, and provide the proper facilities for a school system known for excellence in academics and athletics.

The Indianapolis architect who designed the campus laid out the specifications and asked for contractors to put their best quote forward.

Several of those contractors contacted Creative Industries – and the contractor who ultimately won the job got their windows from C.I.

“An architect usually specifies a certain company as the ‘basis of design’,” says Mark Clark, co-owner of Creative Industries. “In this case, the basis of the design was one of our windows – even though they included comparable products by other companies that are acceptable if approved by the architect.”

It’s a big deal to be called out as the Basis of Design. It means the job is based on this product by this company.

Creative Industries bullet proof windows are often called out as the Basis of Design. With decades of experience and a good reputation for consistent quality and timely delivery, architects, builders, and engineers know they can depend on Creative Industries.

We’ve done stadiums of all sizes, from high school stadiums to community stadiums, to national stadiums,” says Clark. “Because we have such a long track record, we’re easy to work with – we always deliver the right thing at the right time.”