Bulletproofing Corporate Offices with Protective Products

16 March 2020
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16 March 2020, Comments Comments Off on Bulletproofing Corporate Offices with Protective Products

The gun violence epidemic in the United States continues to be a source of urgent concern throughout all segments of society. While school shootings are often the most shocking because they affect our children and youth, it’s important to keep in mind that workplace shootings in corporate offices and business locations are also an urgent concern. Providing protection from gun violence in the workplace needs to be a priority for every company. Conducting a site assessment with relevant stakeholders is a place to start, as well as determining the components of an emergency plan in an active shooter situation. Creative Industries has a range of products available for bulletproofing corporate offices.

The Terrifying Rise of Workplace Shooting Incidents

The El Paso Walmart shooting in August 2019 is the single worst workplace shooting in recent decades, although store employees were not the primary target of the shooter (two Walmart employees were injured) who killed twenty-two people on his rampage.

There was also the Virginia Beach municipal building shooting just months earlier in May 2019 that resulted in twelve dead and four wounded. And it’s hard to forget the San Bernardino shootings at the Inland Regional Center back in 2015 that killed fourteen and seriously injured twenty-two more. There has been 14 other workplace shooting incidents over the past five years that killed between 3-5 people each and injured dozens.

In the same way that everyone agrees children should feel safe at school, employees should feel safe in the workplace. When an active shooter incident begins, there’s simply no telling how long it will take law enforcement to arrive on the scene, which is why bulletproofing corporate offices makes good business sense. Your employees can’t come to work every day wearing body armor to feel safe, but adopting bulletproofing solutions and emergency planning will go a long way toward a safer workplace. Employees will greatly appreciate their employers taking workplace safety seriously, including greater security and protection with bulletproofing solutions and products throughout corporate offices.

Products for Corporate Office Bulletproofing by Creative Industries

When your company conducts a site assessment of its corporate offices with eye towards protecting workers from gun violence, keep this list of products that are available from Creative Industries and take note of all the places where a bulletproof barrier of some kind would offer protection to employees if they knew bulletproofing products were in place:

  •     Bulletproof Window: Creative industries makes 15 different bulletproof window products that provide greater security and protection for employees.
  •     Deal Trays: We also have 13 different deal tray products that protect workers who interact with customers and need to pass items back and forth to complete transactions.
  •     Talk Thrus: Our products also include 7 different kinds of talk thrus that can be added to bulletproof barriers to facilitate dialog between employees and the customers they’re serving.
  •     Drawers: You’ve seen these when you do the drive-up option at banks. The employee extends the drawer for you to put in your deposit or withdrawal request, pulls the drawer in to complete the transaction and extends the drawer again to give the customer their cash or receipt. We make 9 styles of drawer products.
  •     Pass Thrus: These tend to be larger than drawers to facilitate back-and-forth interactions that include packages. We make 11 different products in this category.

All of the innovative products at Creative Industries have an appealing aesthetic while providing the protective and bulletproofing performance needed to make your workplace safer and give your employees greater peace of mind, whether it’s a window, drawer, deal tray, pass-thru, or customized product we design especially for your company, such as custom bulletproof glass and windows for any setting. If you’d like to discuss your company’s options for bulletproofing its corporate offices, call Creative Industries toll-free at 800-776-2068 or fill out the web form on the Contact page of our website!