Deal Trays: Keeping Employees Safe During Business Transactions

30 August 2018
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30 August 2018, Comments 0

How Deal Trays Keep Employees Safe During Business Transactions

It’s an unfortunate statement of fact that for many businesses, keeping employees safe and secure without extra safety precautions might be impossible. Business transactions, especially ones involving large amounts of money, naturally attract dangerous circumstances in which deal trays might be necessary. Ensuring the safety of employees is a top priority for any business owner, so the security that these trays bring is paramount in ensuring a crime-free and safe working environment.

Creative Industries, as an experienced company in bulletproof and bullet-resistant products, has produced and delivered deal trays for companies across the US. Our deal trays provide aesthetically pleasing designs in a bullet-resistant package. Combined with bulletproof glass, our deal trays protect workers while enabling business transactions. Previously common at banks, the security provided by deal trays has spread to convenience stores, ticket sales booths, movie theater box offices, and many other types of businesses seeking added security.

Thanks to bulletproof glass and deal trays, bank tellers can feel more secure than ever as they easily interact with customers, exchanging deposit slips and money with minimum fuss and hassle. With the use of a microphone or a talk-thru device that carries sound from either side of the window, banks can offer complete service without a drop-off in quality.

Bank Employee Security

The most important benefit of bulletproof security for banks is that it protects employees, making it far easier to compete for the best employees with an assurance of safety. For banks, staying on top of the newest security measures to protect both employees and customer money, deal trays accompanied by bulletproof glass have come to be expected in many areas. Without the right measures in place to protect these employees, banks might be in danger of losing employees and customers alike.

Additionally, by having bank bulletproof glass in place, you’ll show your employees that you take their safety seriously. This will help increase morale and reduce worker turnover. Secure in the knowledge that they are protected, those employees will then be able to focus on providing the best possible customer service.

Deal Tray Features

Selecting the proper deal tray for your business ensures that workers are protected at all times while still being able to carry out their daily tasks. This holds true for banks but is also now an expected part of the employee and shopper experience at many businesses like gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores and beyond. If your tray incorporates a drawer, bullet resistance is still provided, even when extended on the customer size. Our trays are built to accommodate a variety of business needs and package sizes – everything from cash and credit cards to receipt, cigarette packages, and more can be passed safely while protecting employees from any potential harm or dangerous situation.

In addition to bullet resistance present in the glass surrounding the variety of deal trays on displays, deal trays can also be specialized to provide different features for the convenience of customers and business interests alike. This means that no matter the need, there can be a deal tray option to suit specific needs. Some styles feature slanted lids to protect contents from inclement weather, and another option features a convenient ledge for customers to sign credit card receipts and complete other small paperwork.

Aesthetics are considered in the design process as well, to ensure that customers and employees are not put off by the design or look of a deal tray and accompanying window. Bulletproof windows’ appearances can be improved by a variety of deal tray sizes and styles. It is important that your bulletproof window and associated tools, such as a deal tray, are visually appealing to your customers in addition to being effective for your employee’s safety. This can further boost morale and improve overall customer satisfaction.

When combined with bulletproof glass in almost any business, regardless of industry, deal trays help provide an extra layer of security to maximize business’ effectiveness and safety. Proper selection and installation will help employees to feel safe at work, even on overnight shifts. Our wide selection has a variety of options available to meet your business needs. Contact us to determine what solution is right for you.

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