How to Keep Your Retail Store Safe for Employees and Customers

26 August 2018
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26 August 2018, Comments 0

As a business owner, you know the importance of safety to make sure your retail space is safe for both customers and employees. There is a multitude of ways a workplace can become unsafe. This includes potential crime, dangerous weather elements not adhering to safety guidelines and more. All of these instances could lead to injury or illness so it is important to prevent them. There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when evaluating the safety of your store.

Crime: Whether you’ve experienced shoplifting or other types of crime in your store, or if similar crimes have happened at nearby retail stores, the safety of your customers and employees may be in peril if a crime can occur on your premises. Be sure to take measures to guarantee the safety of your business. There are a variety of options available to secure your stores, such as bullet-proof glass windows, secure pass-thru trays and many other options that suit your business needs.

Natural Disasters: Where your retail store is located can determine what safety measures you may need to take in case a natural disaster occurs. For example, if you are in a region where earthquakes are common, you may take special precautions by not stacking inventory high above your customers’ heads where it can fall with earth movement. If tornadoes occur in your area, be prepared with a place that allows you to alert customers immediately to any watches or warnings. Many retail shops upgrade their windows with bullet-resistant glass to not only deter crime but also prevent damage in case of a tornado or severe storm.

Fire Hazards: Fire hazards may be abundant in your retail store. Factors such as an exposed wire from lighting or computers, open flames in a store display, improper chemical storage in a back room or combustible materials left near a heat source are major fire hazards that could harm both employees and customers. To ensure you’re prepared for any fires that may arise, always keep fire extinguishers in your store and make sure all employees are trained in how to use them. Schedule routine fire extinguisher inspections to verify that they function properly.

Air Quality: Retail stores often may be located inside other buildings such as malls, with no windows to open in case the store needs to be aired out. Without proper ventilation, the air in a retail store may begin to collect mold, fungus, bacteria, or specific vapors from products used. To keep air quality safe in your retail store, the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union recommends installing a mechanical system that cycles in the fresh outdoor air and circulates it throughout your store, both in the main floor area and in any back rooms. If a mechanical air system is already in place, check to see that it is functioning properly and hire a professional to fix it in case it stops working.

Visual Inspection of Premises: Visually inspect your store’s premises consistently to ensure that no hazards are apparent. It is beneficial to train your employees on safety so they can be proactive and detect incidents before they occur. It is especially important in a retail environment where theft and other crime is common. Teach them to be aware of warning signs and always provide them with secure cash drawers and deal trays to ensure their safety.

No matter what type of establishment you own, it’s important to take preventative measures to protect your customers, employees, and merchandise. If you want to learn more about bullet resistant products – contact us today!

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