Preventing Some of the Top Mistakes Made in Convenience Store Security

1 March 2019
1 March 2019, Comments 0

For convenience stores, both standalone and in gas stations, the risk of breaches in security and potential robbery can be much higher than in other industries. There has been continuous upgrading of the security technology available to keep employees and profits safe, but without the right protocols and usage, this technology can be ineffective at stopping robberies or other negative safety risks in the store.

As a team of experts in creating bullet-resistant windows and products since 1970, Creative Industries is familiar with the protocols that convenience stores need to take for maximum employee safety and security, but all too often, convenience store managers and employees make mistakes that can lead to security breaches and create danger for everyone involved. So, what are some of the top mistakes made in convenience store security and how can you work to prevent these from happening?

Not Keeping your Bullet-resistant Barrier Closed During Lockdown Hours

For convenience stores of all types, the vast majority of robberies happen during the nighttime. This is a natural time for a crime, as there are fewer potential witnesses and it becomes more difficult to see. For stores with lockdown hours that keep employees behind a bullet-resistant barrier during these hours, leaving the bullet-resistant door open for convenience can spell trouble for employee safety. Be sure to train employees to always keep this closed and locked during lockdown hours, and don’t be afraid to check up on this using video footage. Keeping a barrier is paramount for employee safety.

Poor Line of Sight Due to Store Layout

For convenience stores with poor lines of sight where it’s more difficult for employees to see through every aisle, there are a number of security issues that arise. First, it’s a loss prevention issue, as this makes it much easier for individuals to steal products from the shelves undetected. With better store layout, robbers will also be less likely to follow through on a robbery as there’s a greater chance of security footage or witnesses noting their appearance. The right layout can help you improve your profits and increase your security.

Too Much Cash in Your Registers

If would-be robbers realize that you regularly seem to have a good amount of cash in your registers, they might get the idea to try to take that money for themselves. Alternatively, even if a robber had never been to your convenience store before and gets away with the money, having too much in the registers will lead to far too much loss. For franchise owners, this can even lead to risk for other branches of the same company as the perpetrator might think that they could get a similar amount of money elsewhere. Be sure to regularly empty your registers, and keep the process moving smoothly with a minimal loss no matter what happens.

Poor Lighting Inside and Outside the Store

When trying to identify the face or car of a convenience store robber when talking to police, poor lighting in the store can make it much more difficult. However, the right lighting can potentially stop a robbery before it even occurs. Robbers will be much less likely to target stores with bright lighting and brightly lit parking lots, as they’ll be much easier to identify. Additionally, sufficient lighting can help your security camera system to capture everything that happens inside during an incident without breaking down and leaving you unable to properly describe the perpetrator. Follow the simple advice of keeping your convenience store well lit, and you have a much higher chance of preventing a robbery or catching a robber.

Inadequate Grade of Bullet-resistant Windows and Barriers

The entire bullet-resistant security system of your convenience store is there to deter any potential robberies and keep your employees safe if an incident happens to occur. If your bullet-resistant barrier is too thin or easily breached, however, your employees are at risk. Bullet-resistant glass is there to act as a deterrent, but it also needs to be able to function and protect employees if a robber fires a shot. Finding the right UL protection level rating for your glass is vital for giving the protection your employees need.

Identifying some of the most common security mistakes for convenience stores and working to fix these can be vitally important to keeping your employees safe if a robbery happens. Creative Industries has been providing bullet-resistant windows and barriers since 1970, and we’re here to provide exceptional customer service and deliver a customized bullet-resistant system to increase your security. Contact us today and learn more.

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