Bulletproof glass history

8 July 2019
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When you look around today, bulletproof glass can be found in common uses in every type of industry. Bulletproof glass brings added confidence, protection and security to countless business owners, managers and employees, as well as government employees. This means that bulletproof glass is a valuable and important commodity today for our economy as well as a valuable measure that helps protect the lives of those who stand behind it. For as much as it’s changed the world during the time that it’s been around, however, it’s done it all on a fairly short time frame. In fact, bulletproof glass as we know it today is just over 100 years old. When we examine the past of this material, however, we come across a fascinating story of novelty, discovery, advancement and genius.

The Original Bulletproof Glass

The original product that gave a hint to the future of bulletproof glass actually had no practical use at all. All the way back in the 1600s, a novelty took over Europe and fascinated countless observers. Items called Prince Rupert’s Drops, named for the prince who brought the novelty to England, were teardrop-shaped pieces of glass with a large end and a narrow, long tail. These were created by dripping molten glass into water, and the rapid cooling hardened the glass such so that the bulbous end would be able to stand up to huge amounts of punishment from hammer blows without shattering. However, even a slight amount of damage to the narrow end would cause the entire piece to shatter immediately. These were enjoyed as entertainment and curiosities, but they foreshadowed strong glass being able to be created and manipulated.

First Invented By Accident

To see the invention of bulletproof glass as we might recognize it today, however, we’ll have to move forward all the way to 1903 in England. There, a French chemist named Edouard Benedictus was running experiments with a solution of nitrate in a flask. The solution formed a plastic layer around the flask, and when he accidentally dropped it, the glass broke but didn’t shatter. The idea of the combination of glass and plastic was vital to how bulletproof glass advanced through the years, and this accident has resulted in safety for untold numbers of people.

Development and Advancement

Bulletproof glass continued to be refined and tested from that original advancement, and people quickly began to see the value of a material that was see-through but still provided protection from bullets or other weapons. On the battlefields of World War II, bulletproof glass began to be used in equipment like trucks and other security measures for valuable personnel.

Throughout the decades it has grown in profile, with heads of state and even the pope adding the product to their transportation to allow them to see and interact with crowds while remaining safe.

Bulletproof Glass Today

Today, bulletproof glass is more advanced than ever. Different types of materials have become standard, with acrylic as the most commonly used type of bulletproof glass material to guard against attack and attempts at robbery. Different levels of protection have been established as standards in the industry on a scale from one to eight, with different applications recommended for different industries. The lightest duty bulletproof glass windows are used in places like retail and convenience stores, where they’re extremely unlikely to come up against a determined assault. The heaviest duty bulletproof glass is able to stand up to sustained automatic fire, and is used in military and government applications to keep our heroes safe.

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