Bullet Resistant Bank Deal Trays

Deal Trays One Way Non-RicochetToday’s banks interact with customers at the drive-thru, at the counter, and at desks for more intensive transactions. To keep employees safe, more banks than ever are investing in bulletproof window solutions to keep counter and drive-thru employees safe. With the installation of bullet-resistant glass comes the need to be able to easily pass items between bank employees and customers.

There are now a variety of bank deal trays that can be used both at the drive-thru and the counter. These trays keep employees protected from customers outside, while also protecting the interior of the bank against the elements. It’s important that a bank carefully research different options and choose the smallest deal tray necessary to transact the biggest items it ever encounters.

Bank Deal Tray Options

Deal trays for banks usually only need to be large enough to pass deposit envelopes and small stacks of cash. At the counter, the tray may need to be deeper, since business customers may bring in sizable stacks of cash and checks for deposit. A bank can generally survey its day-to-day transactions and determine how large a tray will need to be to accommodate every customer’s needs.

Protection Levels

When searching for bank deal trays, you should also keep bullet resistance in mind. Even though a deal tray seals the space between your employee and your customer, it’s important to ensure that deal trays for bank tellers have the ability to withstand bullets from any type of handgun. Bank deal trays are generally made of a bullet-resistant form of stainless steel and positioned in a way that employees are provided maximum protection.

The type of deal trays used in banks often depends on where they’ll be installed. If countertops are already in place, you can purchase a deal tray that easily conforms to your existing setup. If you are building a new location, the counters and drive-through windows can be designed for easier installation of a tray. In choosing a bank deal tray, you should work with a knowledgeable company that can walk them through the different options available and find the perfect deal tray to fit their own environment.

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