Drop In Deal Trays Offer Security, Convenience

Deal Trays One Way Non-RicochetFinding great employees can be tough, especially if workers feel their safety is at risk while on the job. Banks, ticket windows, and convenience stores can be targets for criminals who think they can easily obtain cash by threatening violence.

Bullet resistant glass has become a helpful deterrent for these security issues. Designed to allow communication while keeping employees safe, these windows keep criminal activity on the other side of the window. When you can demonstrate this commitment to security, you’re more likely to attract good employees.

Handling Transactions

Communicating with customers is only part of the process. Employees often have the need to collect payments and exchange products with customers. The type of products depends largely on your business, but with a bullet resistant window in place, such an exchange would be impossible.

Recessed deal trays provide a safe way to transport items directly from the customer to the employee and back again. Available in a variety of types, these trays allow the customer to drop payments or deposit slips on one side, then slide it over to the employee to replace with a receipt or a product. For many businesses, however, countertops are already in place, making it costly to create a specialized area for a deal tray.

Minimally Invasive Solution

Standard and custom drop in deal trays provide the solution with your current countertop setup. These trays require little or no cutting into the countertop, saving time and money. Made from bullet resistant stainless steel, our drop in deal trays provide the ultimate in protection, combined with convenience.

In choosing a drop in deal tray, you should select the smallest size possible to transport the largest items your employees will see on a regular basis. When combined with bullet resistant glass, these trays will keep your employees protected from the other side.

When you deal with the public on a regular basis, drop in deal trays are a great way to maintain customer service while keeping employees safe. We can provide you with the materials you need. Contact us today for more information.