Bulletproof Glass for Jails & Prisons

Secure Your Detention Facility with our Bulletproof Glass

When the safety of corrections officers and inmates are at stake, bulletproof glass for jails plays a vital role. Bulletproof windows for detention facilities are the standard for protection, security and peace of mind to allow the entire staff to focus on their work.

handcuffCreative Industries produces bulletproof windows for jails that are used in a wide variety of applications.

They are not only designed to withstand ballistics, but also extensive physical attacks.

They are designed to protect personnel or property from forced entry.

Any bulletproof glass for jails we manufacture can be modified for other uses within the detention facility.

Exterior Windows – Exterior windows are typically used for any type of services where a window may be slid open to exchange materials or paperwork to a vehicle. These windows must be exceptionally strong and resistant to tampering. And as with all of our other products, these windows provide maximum bullet resistance.

Night Windows – Night windows are installed where there is a need for a line of sight to either on-coming vehicles, pedestrian traffic or inmate movement. Night windows may be fitted with different configurations of trays or pass hoppers for the secure exchange of paperwork, identification or other materials.

Vision Windows – Secure vision bulletproof glass for jails are an essential element of modern jail design where there is a need for natural light coupled with maximum security. Windows made of bullet resistant glass for jails offer protection from ballistics and any kind of physical assault or forced entry.

Exchange Windows – Exchange windows made of bulletproof glass are needed where larger packages must be exchanged. As manufacturers, we have the capability to modify standard designs to accommodate any requirement as mandated by architects and detention facility designers.

Flip Windows – Flip windows made of bulletproof glass for jails are modified in numerous ways
to allow for exchanges. The flip window may be opened to allow for better temperature regulation.

Bulletproof Security for Detention Facilities: Uncompromising Standards

Since 1970, we have manufactured the type of bullet-resistant glass and windows used in detention facilities and secure buildings. We manufacture and test our own products, and we have a reputation for delivering good products on time.

Creative Industries is always pleased to answer inquiries in regard to our capabilities and our experience in meeting the most stringent needs of architects and designers. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.