Bulletproof Glass for the Military

Protect Your Military Base With Our Bulletproof Glass

militaryBulletproof glass for military use is a common protective barrier when security and safety for military and civilian personnel is at stake.

We manufacture bulletproof glass for military use in a wide variety of configurations that reflect the mission of the department, payroll, or even retail establishments on base.

The various categories of windows we manufacture for this application includes:

Exterior Windows – Exterior windows are typically used for any type of on-base drive-thru services ranging from fast food to pharmacies or any kind of situation where identification needs to be verified. These windows may also be used for medical clinics or treatment facilities where controlled pharmaceuticals are exchanged.

Night Windows – Night windows are incorporated in any structure where there’s a need for line-of-sight for oncoming vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Night windows may be fitted with trays or pass hoppers and are frequently in use for gas stations, ticket windows or anyplace where night security is vital and personnel are limited.

Vision Windows – Secure vision windows made of bulletproof glass for military use are often incorporated in structures such as guard house structures or buildings where civilian or military personnel must have unrestricted views of pedestrian walk-up’s and vehicular traffic.

Exchange Windows – Exchange windows made of military bulletproof glass are widely in use on-base where larger packages, food, weapons or tools must be exchanged. We have the capability to modify standard designs to accommodate a specialty use or need.

Flip Windows – Flip windows are modified in numerous ways to allow for exchanges or a lazy-Susan to return change. The flip window may also be opened to allow for better temperature regulation.

Bulletproof Glass for Military Use: Our High Standards

Creative Industries has been supplying the kind of bullet resistant glass and bulletproof windows used for military installations since 1970. We are an American manufacturer with tremendous pride in our men and women of the military, and we are happy to contribute to their safety and welfare with every product we sell.

As manufacturers, we frequently work with architects to custom-fabricate military bulletproof glass windows with unusual dimensions or windows intended for services, exchanges, night or vision.

We are always pleased to answer inquiries in regard to our capabilities and our proven abilities to meet demanding deadlines. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.