Indianapols Motor Speedway

Project Description

 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Bullet Proof Windows

Bullet Resistant Windows installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known throughout the world as a first class race venue – home to not only the Greatest Spectacle in Racing (the Indianapolis 500, of course!) but several other top tier races that draw fans from around the country – and around the globe.

The IMS facilities need constant upkeep and upgrading to accommodate the demands of myriad race fans and all the activities and transactions that take place on a regular basis.

Bullet proof window designed for IMSA recent remodel involved the installation of three custom-built bullet proof windows. The architect tasked with this part of the project turned to Creative Industries – a tried and true manufacturer with a proven track record (pun intended) for quick turnarounds and quality craftsmanship.

“They needed to fast track these windows because there was racing coming up,” says Mark Clark, co-owner of Creative Industries, along with his brother, Mike Clark. “We’d worked with this architect before and he knew we could do the special configuration they wanted, and get it done quickly.”

Creative Industries has a reputation with architects, engineers, and contractors alike for providing consistently good products – as well as the agility to fulfil rush orders when necessary. Trusting them with a client as important as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is no problem for people who have worked with Creative Industries and know they can trust them to get it right.

The IMS exchange windows sported lazy Susans and slightly large pass thrus than normal – and they were all delivered to spec within two weeks of ordering. For more information about exchange windows or any other bullet proof glass products, please contact Creative Industries today.