Bulletproof Windows for Hospitals

Crime in hospitals is a problem that is growing, and not getting better anytime soon. In fact, a recent survey by the International Association for Healthcare Security showed nearly all hospitals experiencing some level of in-hospital crime, from disorderly conduct to theft, rape, workplace violence, and even murder.

Because of this, OSHA recommended in 2004 that all hospitals put in bullet resistant windows at all nurses’ stations, in reception, and in triage and admitting, all potential flashpoint areas.hospital-emergency-wing

Creative Industries can manufacture the bullet-proof and bullet-resistant windows required by your plans for a hospital or medical services building.

Vision Windows:  Available with either single or multiple lights, and an extruded aluminum frame, these strong windows are perfect for when you need to merely protect an area but don’t need to talk through them. They are a great option for exterior windows, as well as interior hallway pass-thrus.

Exchange Windows:  Exchange windows are used when you need to communicate with a patient, and transfer papers or prescriptions through the window. We have many varieties of this kind of window that can be customized to a facility’s needs, with a small metal sliding tray, a full sized drawer, or a lazy Susan that can be used to transfer materials from staff to patient.

Flip Windows: Flip windows are often used for the same purpose as exchange windows, but flip windows have one panel that flips out to let in air flow or to allow large packages to be transferred.

Service Windows:  Service Windows are developed and used primarily for drive-up pharmacy windows and the like. It is especially useful when nurses or security personnel need to talk to patients or the general public after nightfall. They contain a speaker that allows people on both sides of the glass to hear each other and usually a type of slot for exchanging items. They have many ways of passing items, including large drawers, and a barrel-shaped pass hopper for larger items.

Bullet Proof Glass Keeps Patients and Staff Safe

The rise in hospital crime comes from the increasing stress that hospitals are under. Most have some form of 24-hour access, welcoming any and all that need care. Because of a shortage of mental health treatment, many hospitals are often holding places for violent mentally ill patients, or are often used as holding tanks by law enforcement for dangerous patients who need medical attention.  Bullet-resistant glass is now a reality and a necessity for today’s modern hospital.

Contact us today for more information on our bullet-resistant and bullet-proof windows for hospitals. We will be happy to provide your window estimates for your hospital security plans.