Mark Clark, owner of Creative IndustriesThe 1980s were notable for shoulder pads, big hair, and the last of the arena rock bands. It was also the time Mark Clark began working in the family business during summer breaks of high school.

For over 30 years now Mark has worked in the bullet-resistant business, doing everything from sweeping the floors to custom making the products that keep companies and their employees safer.  A thorough understanding of bullet resistant products and a strong Midwestern work ethic have been passed down as a family heritage at Creative Industries.

When not working, Mark and his wife wrangle three lively sons. He loves football (and it’s a source of great satisfaction that many of CI’s ticket windows are installed at college and pro sports stadiums!) and coaches his kids’ football, baseball, and soccer teams.

Mark also enjoys old action movies and westerns – and considers himself somewhat of a beer connoisseur. “Domestic, imported, or craft – I’m not picky,” says Mark. “I guess that makes me more of a beer fan.”



Like his brother, Mike Clark began working in the family business during high school years, starting the summer after his junior year. While the initial work of sweeping floors and unloading trucks was not particularly memorable, his first paycheck was! And over the years he’s learned all aspects of the business.

“As a kid, I remember sitting at the dinner table and listening to dad tell us which states he received phone calls from that day,” says Mike. “Now we do business nationally and internationally – it’s exciting to see how we’ve grown.”

In Mike’s spare time he loves spending time with his wife, Robin, and “kids” – four dogs that he claims live better than he does. He and Robin love movies and bookstores – they were actually married in a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. He also enjoys traveling and sports. A slide into second base which broke a leg ended his “career” in softball, but he took up the pen (metaphorically) and began a sports blog last year. “Please wish me luck with that one!” he says.