Bullet Proof Windows for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations Safer With Bullet Proof Windows

Convenience Store/Gas Station Bullet Resistant WindowCreative Industries, Inc. equips industries of all types with the bullet proof (also known as bullet resistant) glass they need to protect employees. Store robberies are a common occurrence in this country, with convenience store theft making up 54 percent of all shoplifting instances. For those who earn their income working in these establishments, the fear of thefts at gunpoint is something owners must address, especially if they want to attract and retain good workers.

Employee Retention

By providing the best security measures possible, convenience store owners show they care about their workers. By providing a safe place to work, those owners increase the likelihood employees won’t leave for a safer job down the street. One of the best ways to safeguard workers is to install bullet proof windows that workers can safely work behind. These windows allow only enough space for transactions to be conducted, while still keeping workers protected.

Bullet proof windows often act as a deterrent to criminals, who see that cash is less accessible than in a neighboring convenience store that may not have the same security measures in place.

CI’s extensive client base includes convenience stores across the country. In the case of convenience stores, CI often usually works directly with store owners or small construction companies to install windows and other products specific to a convenience store setup.

One Stop for Multiple Bullet Resistant Components

For convenient stores, certain components are essential to ensuring the optimum safety of workers. CI begins with windows that are manufactured to the highest standards, built to withstand a bullet at close range. But the entire construction of the window’s installation is designed to be as impenetrable as possible. This includes the following components:

  • Window—Convenience stores have a selection of window styles from which to choose, including sliding-glass doors, after-hours transaction windows, exchange windows with natural voice transmission, and more.
  • Bullet-resistant frame—The frame is designed to prevent tampering and withstand the glass’s bullet absorption.
  • Talk thrus—Amplification is important with a talk-thru, since the thick glass can block sound from getting through. CI’s selection of talk-thru are designed for maximum sound transmission between workers and customers.
  • Pass thrus—Since convenience store cashiers are often required to move cigarette packs through pass thrus, owners often choose windows that have pass-thrus sized large enough to accommodate these items.
  • Drawers—CI carries a line of transaction drawers that are ideal for convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Bulletproof wall panels—While bullet-resistant transaction windows provide great protection to workers, for owners who are especially concerned about safety, CI offers bullet proof wall panels to further protect areas that house cashiers.

Windows by Creative Industries are designed not only to provide bullet resistance, but also to facilitate audio-visual transactions. This ensures convenience stores are able to continue to offer stellar customer service without sacrificing safety.

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