Creative Industries Bullet Proof Glass for Stadiums and Venues

Stadiums and venues that want to better protect their employees, assets, operations, and customers are adding service windows made of bulletproof glass, especially in the form of ticket windows and walk-up service windows. Creative Industries is well-versed in meeting the safety and security needs of arenas for sporting and entertainment events.

Big Venues Have Big Security Challenges

empty stadium seats with field in the background

The sheer number of people coming to sporting and entertainment stadiums and venues makes security a challenge. Selling tickets can result in large quantities of cash being on hand before, during, and just after an event, which only heightens the need for an even greater focus on safety and security. The right configuration of bullet proof glass products can go a long way toward everyone involved feeling more safe and secure. Staff will appreciate the concern shown for their safety and owners have greater peace of mind their assets and operations are protected from the threat of gun violence.

Gun Violence at School Sports Events

Mass shootings in all kinds of places have supplied a steady stream of horrifying headlines in the media. There have been at least 202 incidents of gun violence (source) meeting the definition of “mass shooting” (often defined as at least three or four killings in a single incident), which means there have been more mass shootings than days in the year as of May 8, 2023. Lurking behind these tragic events is a rising tide of gun violence and shooting incidents at school sports events. From 2014 through September 28, 2022, there were at least 170 shootings at school sporting events that left 22 people dead and more than 171 wounded (source). These shootings taking place at school sports venues haven’t received nearly as much attention as in-school shootings, which also means not as many resources are being put into school sports venue safety.

Creative Industries has worked with a variety of school and community sports venues to install bullet-resistant products to increase security and safety, such as Plainfield High School Athletics and Kokomo Municipal Stadium.

The Most Common Bulletproof Products for Stadiums and Venues

While every specific stadium, arena, or entertainment venue will have its own unique needs and requirements, the products Creative Industries most commonly provides to stadiums and venues are bullet-resistant ticket windows.

Our bulletproof Ticket Window comes in three standard sizes (24×36; 24×42; 24×48) and features an aluminum clamp-on frame adjustable to walls ranging from 5–8.5 inches thick, and two-way voice-amplified bullet-resistant talk thru mounted in choice of glazing. It also includes a unique patented countertop and drawer combination constructed of stainless steel and weather-stripped to minimize energy loss. The drawer moves forward quietly on solid bearing slides and is flush with the front surface of the shelf when closed. The countertop extends in front of the window, providing customers with a writing surface or purse ledge. The window frame is available in a clear or dark bronze anodized finish.

A similar product often used in stadiums and venues is our Walk-Up Window. It comes in three standard sizes (24×36; 30×36; 36×36) and features an aluminum frame, a patented stainless-steel countertop with drawer, is weather-stripped for minimal energy loss, and natural voice transmission through our patented model No. 5-D cast stainless steel talk thru. The Walk-Up Window is shipped without glazing material permanently installed, which means the sealant is furnished by the installer.

While the two products described above are standard, they can also be fully customized in terms of size, as well as which of our seven different talk-thrus would best fit the client, venue, and window. In fact, any number of our bullet-resistant glass window, deal tray, drawer, talk-thru, or pass-through cabinet products can be combined and configured to meet the specific needs of a given venue based on the kinds of transactions conducted.

Creative Industries Bullet Proof Glass for Stadiums and Venues

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bullet-resistant glass manufacturer with as much experience as Creative Industries when it comes to bullet proof glass arenas of all types and sizes. In fact, our products have been installed at 25% of the nation’s major sports stadiums, many of which also double as entertainment venues. Here’s just a selection of those we’ve worked with to increase their safety and security using our products:

When you work with Creative Industries, what you get is unparalleled expertise and experience from a family-owned and family-operated business that has been improving safety and security for all kinds of businesses across a wide range of industries since the 1970s. Whether it’s retrofitting an existing facility with bulletproof products or working with architects in the planning stages of a new construction project, co-owners (and brothers) Mark and Mike Clark take the time to first understand a client’s needs and requirements fully before recommending the products best suited to the project. We don’t cut corners and are always on the lookout for opportunities to keep every project as affordable as possible. Find out more by reaching out to us through the Contact Us page of our website or by calling us directly at 800-776-2068. We would love to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.