Bullet-Resistant Glass Windows for Government Facilities


In this day and age, you never know when a security threat will arise. This is especially true when it comes to government buildings and property. If you are responsible for the safety and security of employees and the general public, bulletproof glass for government buildings is a must-have investment.

Protecting Employees and the Public from Harm

Bulletproof windows for government buildings provide an added layer of security. Searches and metal detectors prevent criminals from bringing weapons into a government building, but what about from outside?

Bulletproof glass helps to protect those inside of a building from the unthinkable. Whether you want to create a barrier between the inside and outside, or your goal is to create a safe place for your employees should a criminal breach a secure barrier, bulletproof glass government facilities is the answer.

You Never Know When a Threat Will Occur

Vision-WindowIn modern times, it is impossible to predict when a threat will arise. A seemingly quiet day can turn to tragedy in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, the threat is increased for government facilities.

Nobody can predict when a person will make the decision to commit a crime, and as unpleasant as it is to consider, government employees are at risk. Innocent bystanders can become victims in the blink of an eye when the proper safety measures are not in place.

Government Employees Safer Behind Bulletproof Glass

Security windows for government buildings provide an added layer of protection. It makes it easier for employees to focus on their responsibilities, without any more concern for their on-the-job safety than the average person. Bulletproof glass also does not interfere with anyone’s ability to do his or her job. And if the unexpected does occur, bulletproof barriers for government facilities can help prevent worst case scenarios.

Creative Industries Provides Bullet Proof Windows

Creative Industries has been providing custom manufactured bullet resistant glass and windows for government facilities as well as sports arenas, schools, hotels, banks, and convenience stores for decades. We’re a trusted source and a reliable vendor. Architects trust our work – and we’re happy to provide a free consultation. Contact us today for more information.