Security Windows Must Be Highly Bullet Resistant

Exterior Service WindowFor businesses that require employee-customer interaction, maintaining worker safety can be challenging. How can items be passed to and from customers without leaving employees vulnerable?

Security windows have found a way to meet that challenge, offering both a clear view and safety. While most locations will likely never have an incident, employees feel protected when they’re behind bullet-resistant glass, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

There are several types of bulletproof security windows, with a business’s choice usually relating to where the window will be placed. With a variety of talk-thrus and pass-thrus available, businesses can continue to provide a high level of customer service while keeping employees safe.

Exterior Security Windows

For banks, restaurants, and other businesses that conduct transactions with customers outside the building, exterior windows are a great way to protect employees. Exterior windows usually incorporate a voice transmission system, as well as weather-proof counters and accessories. With a weather-tight seal, the interior of businesses can remain warm, even when traffic flow is at its busiest.

Night Security Windows

Many businesses are required to make night deposits, making both security and usability a priority. Bullet-resistant night windows incorporate secure windows with ease of use, allowing for either drive-up or walk-up customers, depending on a business’s specific needs.

Vision Security Windows

For those areas where no money or goods need to be exchanged, vision windows are a great option. No talk-thrus or deal trays are included with vision windows, but employees can communicate with customers to answer questions or provide guidance.

Exchange Security Windows

With an exchange window, mechanisms are included that allow for large items to be passed between workers and customers. Exchange windows may incorporate large trays or Lazy Susans to move items while still keeping employees safe.

Flip Security Windows

Drive-thru restaurants are often challenged with keeping employees safe while still being able to pass extremely large items to customers. With a flip window, a bulletproof pivoting pane replaces traditional sliding glass panes to reduce the amount of exposure an employee has to the customer. These windows also have the added benefit of keeping internal temperatures more regulated, since the interior is exposed to outside air for a reduced amount of time.

Each security window incorporates the highest-quality manufacturing standards to provide businesses both security and durability. Bullet-resistant glass is coupled with stainless steel and weather stripping to help windows provide many years of attractive security to any building.

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