Bulletproof Windows for Arenas and Stadiums by Creative Industries


Stadium Window with Multi-Lites

If you’ve ever attended a sporting event or concert at a stadium, arena, or other major entertainment venues, there’s a good chance you’ve seen our bulletproof glass products in use. Creative Industries has made custom bullet-resistant windows for hundreds of these venues from professional sports to college, university, and high school facilities across the nation. The goal of all such installations is to provide greater protective security with a bulletproof glass barrier while still providing excellent customer service at high-traffic events. When it’s time to provide greater security at any sporting or entertainment venue, call us at 800-776-2068 to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Unique Security Needs at Major Sporting Venues

Creative Industries is well aware of the unique needs of sporting and entertainment venues of all sizes. Our bullet-resistant glass windows and related products are specifically designed to accommodate walk-up traffic, along with openings that are sized perfectly for ticket exchanges. Many establishments are realizing the importance of security when money is being exchanged. Stadiums, arenas, and amusement parks are among the venues that can become targets of armed robberies and other forms of gun violence. Bulletproof windows keep workers safe and secure without sacrificing high standards of customer service. 

Large sums of money are exchanged at sporting and entertainment events each year, whether on a professional, collegiate, or high school level. Ticket offices allow fans to pick up or purchase tickets prior to the start of the game or concert, giving the public the impression that thousands of dollars in cash is on hand in that box office, leading a criminal to devise ways to get their hands on that money. If the ticket office is accessible, it becomes an even greater target for thieves. In some cases, it may not be cash the criminals are after but hard-to-get tickets for a sold-out event. Whether employees are staffing the ticket booth or it’s after hours, it’s important they be as protected as possible before, during, and after an event.

Example Venues with Bulletproof Windows by Creative Industries

At Creative Industries, we take great pride in having helped many different sporting and entertainment arenas safer for everyone to enjoy. Here are just a few that feature our custom bulletproof glass products:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium: Home to the NFL Atlanta Falcons, when this stadium opened in 2017 it featured 24 bulletproof ticket windows made by Creative Industries. 

Indiana State Fairgrounds: The ISF Pepsi Coliseum is home to Indiana’s minor league hockey team, Indy Fuel, the Indiana University–Perdue University Indianapolis basketball team, and many concert events. We provided custom bulletproof ticket windows during the last renovation in less than a month.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: The IMS venue needed several custom bulletproof windows with a special lazy Susan configuration and larger-than-normal pass-thrus to accommodate large volumes on race days. 

Plainfield High School: When this new campus was built, Creative Industries was chosen to provide the stadium windows needed, in this case, a product similar to our bulletproof exterior service window.  

And just to mention a few others:

  • Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City MO
  • Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis IN
  • Coors Field, Denver COP
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis IN
  • Marlins Baseball Stadium, Miami FL
  • PNC Park, Pittsburgh PA
  • Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay FL
  • Red Bull Arena, Harrison NJ


In fact, when you add them all up, you’ll find Creative Industries bullet-resistant glass and related products at 25% of the nation’s major sporting and entertainment arenas and stadiums! You can see details about some of these installations on the project portfolio gallery page of our website. 

Creative Industries: A Trusted Security Partner for Any Industry

We take great care in the design and manufacturing of high-quality protective barriers made of bullet-resistant glass, especially when the barrier is needed to protect workers who conduct customer service transactions with customers. A variety of accessories to our bulletproof windows such as talk thrus, pass thrus, deal trays, and drawers are what facilitate customer service transactions while protecting workers. Our products are used across a range of industries, including gas stations, convenience stores, hospitals, schools, banks, government buildings, and more. There is a risk of gun violence these days in nearly any setting you can think of, and Creative Industries helps provide the safety and security everyone craves. Call us at 800-776-2068 or drop us a line through the contact page of our website to start the conversation about your bulletproof window needs.

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