Stadiums and Arenas Have Various Needs for Bullet Proof Windows

Stadium Window with Multi-LitesCreative Industries, Inc. specializes in high-quality bullet-resistant windows for sporting events. With windows at venues where all major sports leagues play, CI is well aware of the unique needs of sporting venues. Windows are specifically designed to accommodate walk-up traffic, along with openings that are sized perfectly for ticket exchanges.

Ticket Windows Improve Safety at Sports Venues

Many establishments are realizing the importance of security when money is being exchanged. Banks, amusement parks, gas stations, and many other venues now provide bullet-resistant glass as a shield between workers and the public.

Stadium tickets are magnets for crimes as much as these other venues, especially in a stadium setting where crowds can easily become unruly. With bullet-resistant glass, stadiums can keep workers safe without sacrificing their high standards of customer service.

Targeted Ticket Booths

Large sums of money are exchanged at sporting events each year, whether on a professional, collegiate, or high school level. Ticket offices allow fans to pick up or purchase tickets prior to the start of the game, giving the public impression that thousands of dollars in cash is on hand in that box office, leading a criminal to devise ways to get that cash.

If the ticket office is accessible, it becomes an even greater target for thieves. In some cases, it may not be cash the criminals are after but hard-to-get tickets for a sold-out event. Whether employees are manning the ticket booth or they’re abandoned after hours, it’s important they be as protected as possible before, during, and after an event.

Other Projects

In addition to its work with sports venues, CI also carries a wide range of windows and accessories for banks, fast food restaurants, and more. On some campuses, CI does double duty by setting up a stadium ticket window as well as a window in the Bursar’s Office. While administrative offices may not have as much foot traffic as a sports stadium, criminals will often assume cash is in these offices and attempt to infiltrate them. A bullet-resistant window will protect both employees and contents from these attempts.

Featured at venues that host the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, and more, CI’s bullet-resistant glass can protect employees at ticket windows of all types. Both high school and college students are ideal locations for these windows, providing a professional appearance while keeping ticket workers safe throughout the sports season.

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