Exterior Service Window

specwizardPerfect for any walk-up or drive-thru facility. Transactions are protected from the weather with a hinged cover over the deal tray and a weather-tight seal in the frame.


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Bullet Resistant Exterior Service Window

Exterior Service Window fits into rough wall opening and clamps onto wall. Adjustable extruded aluminum frame fits walls 5″ to 8.5″ thick. Window clamps in place with bolts positioned through back frame into threaded section of front frame.

Glazing is sealed into the frame for weather tight installation. Stainless steel shelf has writing surface in front of built-in deal tray. Deal tray closure helps prevent drafts. Natural voice transmission is provided by the circular draft-free talk thru.

Specify frame finish: Clear or dark bronze anodized aluminum
Construction: Aluminum frame – Stainless steel shelf
Bullet resistant glazing available: 1.25˝ acrylic Level I or 1.25˝ Lexgard Level III

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Additional information

Specify frame finish

Clear or dark bronze anodized aluminum


Aluminum frame, Stainless steel shelf