Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof and Bullet Resistant Glass

Vision Window with Aluminum Clamp-On FrameSafeguarding workers in retail stores, gas stations, and banks, bullet proof glass is an essential part of many businesses today.

But many people don’t realize how this type of glass works to resist shattering when pierced by a bullet. To stop a bullet in its tracks, glass must be specifically constructed, employing layering that thickens glass in a way that provides additional protection to those on the other side.

Appearance of Bullet Proof Glass

Bulletproof glass isn’t always identifiable as such at first glance. The genius of its construction is that it protects those behind it without hampering visibility. The person on the other side of the window is just as clear as he or she would have been with regular glass.

However, sound can be hampered by the thickness of the glass, leading manufacturers to come up with creative ways to transmit sound without jeopardizing safety. For this, talk-thrus are used to transmit sound from both sides of the window while still keeping the seal intact.

How The Glass Resists Bullets

While the term “bulletproof” is often used to describe this type of glass, in actuality, bulletproof glass is usually termed “bullet resistant.”

The glass is designed to stop a bullet from penetrating its surface, but it is remotely possible that a bullet could make its way through. When struck, the glass will flex instead of shatter, preventing flying glass that could also injure someone on the other side.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about bulletproof glass, however, is that it isn’t a type of space-age glass.

Workers are actually protected by a layer of a polycarbonate material between two sheets of glass, with the internal material serving to thicken the glass. Because the polycarbonate is both transparent and thick, it toughens the window.

Ideal Locations for Bullet Proof Glass

While bulletproof glass can be installed in any location, it is most often seen in locations that are particularly susceptible to being robbed. Banks, 24-hour convenience stores, and hotel lobbies are popular for bulletproof glass, especially if those businesses are in locations where robberies are a concern.

In recent years, businesses have begun to see the benefits of having bulletproof glass, even without an imminent danger of gunfire. When employees have a sense of security at work, they’re more likely to remain in a job. Hiring new workers is easier, as well, as businesses can showcase their concern for employee well-being through the extra security measures they’ve taken.

Bulletproof glass is designed to stop a speeding bullet while also being resistant to shattering. This keeps workers safe while also allowing workers to provide the service to a business’s customers need.

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