Bullet Resistant Windows for Schools

bullet resistant windows schoolsWith all of the unfortunate violence happening in schools over the recent years, from elementary schools to college campuses, creating safer environments for both students and faculty has become more important than ever. School administrators are now working with architects and law enforcement officials to determine the most appropriate security measures for their schools and to establish the best methods of implementation.

There are several layers of protection that go into increasing a school’s overall security, including surveillance, detection, establishing effective response systems, and strengthening the exterior and interior structure and design of school buildings, which is where bullet-resistant windows come into play.

How Bullet Resistant Windows Can Help

Most schools have tempered glass, which an intruder can easily get through.

The following three areas are of greatest concern and would benefit the most from having bullet resistant windows installed:

Building Exterior

Increasing the security of the exterior of school buildings is a critical component in protecting schools (and one that many schools are able to implement more easily) and serves as the first layer of defense against intruders. By redesigning and constructing the front entryway doors and windows of a school (which are the easiest points of entry), with bullet-resistant glass, the forced entry becomes much more difficult. This measure alone can significantly deter, delay, or even completely prevent unauthorized entrance to school buildings.

School Offices

A number of schools and colleges have been implementing bullet resistant transaction windows, such as those used in banks and police stations, in their administrative offices to provide more effective security for their staff members.

Classroom Doors

Classroom doors, when closed, are one of the most effective measures of security inside of schools. Installing bullet resistant windows on these doors adds another level of security to keep students safer inside their classrooms in the event an attacker gets inside the building.

How We Can Help

Creative Industries develops and manufactures bullet resistant windows that can help schools throughout the United States construct more secure buildings, providing safer environments for their students and staff members. Our products can be used to safeguard the most critical areas of schools, such as front entryways, administrative offices, libraries, cafeterias, and, of course, classrooms.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information about bullet resistant windows for schools or to discuss your project specifications.