How to Keep Schools Safe with Bulletproof Glass


It’s no secret schools do not feel as safe as they once did. As a school administrator or anyone charged with the responsibility of keeping children safe, bulletproof glass schools are one of your best tools for increasing security.

Bulletproof glass for schools provides a layer of protection between children, teachers and administrators, and harm. Whether a threat occurs on the outside of the building, our children and staff need a safe place to take shelter inside of the building until a threat is contained, school bulletproof glass can help.

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Bulletproof Windows for Schools Protect against Gunfire

There was a time when the idea of a gun crime within a school was unheard of. Nobody would dream of children in the classroom being exposed to gun violence. The tragedy of several recent incidents now reinforces how important it is to consider all potential threats – even the idea that a criminal would enter a school building with the intent of harming children.

You can never guarantee 100% safety in a school building, but you can do your best to get as close as possible. As a school administrator, it is your duty to take every possible measure to ensure children are safe during the school day. Security windows for schools can help.

Protecting Against Inside Threats

In addition to protecting children and staff against catastrophic events, bulletproof glass schools can also add a layer of protection to those in higher risk positions within the school. It’s difficult to predict how every student will behave during every moment of the day and you can never know when a teacher or administrator will encounter an unexpected situation. Bulletproof glass schools offer a safe space within the building.

Teachers and administrators working with a high-risk student body need to know they are protected from the threats they face on a daily basis. Bulletproof glass enclosures within the school can provide the safety and peace of mind some employees need to conduct their business throughout the school day. When events become unpredictable, bulletproof glass schools provide safety and security.

Bulletproof Safety Throughout the School

Whether you are concerned about thr interaction between staff and students, or your goal is to create the safest possible environment to protect school children from outside harm, bulletproof glass schools can help. To learn more or to discuss how we can help you upgrade school security, contact us today for more information.