Bullet Proof Windows for Hotels and Motels

The threat of gun violence throughout society today remains a real and persistent challenge faced by businesses of all types, including roadside lodging establishments. The hospitality industry overall is one that needs the increased security that can be achieved with the kind of bullet-resistant protective barrier products we make at Creative Industries. We’ve been helping companies of all types protect their employees since the 1980s, including bulletproof windows for hotels and motels. Call us toll-free at 800-776-2068 to discuss your security needs and how we can help.

A Security Vulnerability at Hotels and Motels: The Reception Desk

Old Hotel Sign Above Highway Motel

It should come as no surprise that the most serious point of vulnerability from a security perspective at most hotels and motels is the reception area of the lobby, often staffed 24/7 by a clerk who handles late-night check-ins of arriving guests and other tasks. The benefits of incorporating bulletproof window products include greater security, safety, and peace of mind for every worker who spends time in that area knowing bullet-resistant glass is protecting them from the threat of gun violence. 

Bullet-Resistant Windows and Glass: An Introduction

The kind of protective barriers we most commonly make for any business or organization are various windows incorporating bullet-resistant glass. Because everyone uses the term bulletproof, we use it as well even though no window is fully bulletproof. There’s always a bigger gun with a bigger projectile that can get through it. But the vast majority of gun violence involves weapons such as a pistol or handgun, and sometimes a rifle. The way bulletproof glassworks is by creating a sandwich of a transparent layer of polycarbonate between two sheets of regular glass. Adding more layers creates a higher level of protection. Each bulletproof window we make is rated for a particular level of protection, which you can read more about on the Bulletproof and Bullet Resistant Glass page of our website. 

Products by Creative Industries for Hotels and Motels

At Creative Industries, we work closely with you in order to understand your needs and determine which products and configurations will provide the best protection for each location. Bulletproof windows for hotels and motels can include any or all of the following products we make and customize to meet your needs:

  • Bullet Resistant Windows: A wide range of configurations are available for various applications, including both interior and exterior settings, and we can also customize a solution to meet your needs. You can see a quick summary of various options on the Security Windows page of our website.
  • Deal Trays: Interactions with customers may require passing small items back and forth, such as payment cards and money. One of our many deal tray products offers greater security.
  • Drawers: These products are commonly seen at bank drive-ups but can be used in many other settings as well. The worker inside extends and retracts the drawer to exchange items with a customer during transactions. 
  • Pass-Thrus: Serving a similar function as drawers, pass thrus are designed to handle packages of various sizes. 
  • Talk-Thrus: Adding a talk thru to a bullet-resistant transparent barrier facilitates vocal communication between an employee and the customer being served.

Some businesses worry that bulletproof windows will be ugly and take away from the look they’re trying to maintain. Rest assured, Creative Industries is committed to providing the protection you seek without sacrificing aesthetic appeal at your facility. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of bullet-resistant glass while maintaining the image they’ve developed for their brand.

Protecting Your Employees is Protecting Your Business

Hotels and motels are often open 24 hours a day, requiring staff to work late into the evening hours in isolation. Bullet-resistant windows allow those workers to remain securely behind glass to handle those guests arriving late at night without worry.

By offering this added level of security, a hospitality business can ease worker concerns about the night shift. This has traditionally been one of the most difficult shifts to staff, due in part to safety worries. With Creative Industries bullet-resistant windows, potential hires will see your business cares about its employees. This will not only make it easier to hire new employees but retain those employees once they begin work.

Employees are the most important asset for all hotels and motels. Keep them safe by choosing Creative Industries to provide bullet-resistant windows for hotels or motels. With solid construction and the promise of top-notch customer service, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of a safer, more secure environment for your business and each worker.

Working with Creative Industries to Enhance Safety and Security

There is a reason companies of all types come back to Creative Industries time and time again. Not only are our products built with the highest quality standards, we also provide personalized customer service on each of our products. This includes installation guidance to the construction companies who often are the ones who handle the installation of our products at a specific location. For more information, explore the many pages our website or get in touch by calling us at 800-776-2068 to start a conversation about the benefits of bullet-resistant windows at your business.