Roadside Hotels and Motels Install Bullet Proof Windows

There’s a reason construction companies come back to Creative Industries time and time again. Not only are our products built with the highest-quality standards, we provide personalized customer service on each of our products.
Roadside hotels often need bullet resistant windows
Creative Industries’ bullet proof (also known as bullet-resistant) windows can be found throughout the hospitality industry, providing security to workers at roadside hotels and motels across the nation. Our selection of products includes:

  • Exchange windows, ticket windows, sliding windows, and flip windows that limit the transaction place between guests and front desk workers.
  • Aluminum frames that maintain lobby aesthetics while safeguarding staff.
  • Lazy Susans, hinged panels, and deal trays that allow for passing receipts and payment media requiring only the space necessary.

Each bulletproof window provides features that allow for easy sound transmission, ensuring your workers can continue to provide the same level of customer service your guests expect. This is often achieved by using glass that is not completely sealed into the frame. Exterior windows are installed with the glass sealed into the frame, requiring holes to be drilled that allow sound to pass through.

Protect Your Employees

Hotels and motels are often open 24 hours a day, requiring staff to work late into the evening hours in isolation. Bullet-resistant windows allow those workers to remain securely behind glass to handle those late-night check-ins without worry.

By offering this added level of security, a hospitality business can ease worker concerns about the night shift. This has traditionally been one of the most difficult shifts to staff, due in part to safety worries. With Creative Industries bullet-resistant windows, potential hires will see your business cares about its employees. This will not only make it easier to hire new employees but retain those employees once they begin work.

Employees are a hotel’s best asset. Keep them safe by choosing one of Creative Industries’ bullet-resistant windows for your next hotel or motel construction project. With solid construction and the promise of top-notch customer service, construction and hospitality businesses can provide lobby guests will enjoy.

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