Convenience Store Bulletproof Glass


There’s no such thing as “too much security,” when you own a convenience store. Convenience store bulletproof glass ensures your employees, your customers, and your business are safe.

In addition to the security features you already have in place, bulletproof glass provides you with an added level of security – one for which you will be thankful if the unthinkable ever occurs.

Safety and Security

Bulletproof windows for convenience stores provide you with security from the outside in. Employees and customers feel safe whether a threat is inside of the store or coming from the outside in. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. Convenience store security windows made from bulletproof glass ensure everyone inside of your store is safe, no matter what is happening just outside the front door.

Additional Security for Retail Clerks

Sliding-WindowIn addition to bulletproof windows for convenience stores, you can add an extra layer of security inside of your store with a convenience store bulletproof counter. Putting your employees and the cash register behind a bulletproof counter is one of the best security measures you can take. Not only are you able to protect money and high-value items in your store, you provide an added layer of protection for your store’s most valuable asset – your employees.

Bulletproof counter windows allow employees to interact with customers and see what is happening in the store without putting their safety at risk. Your employees know it is part of their job to guard the cash register and monitor the front of the store. Unfortunately, this is a tough job when a store lacks the appropriate security measures. Make your employees’ jobs easier and safer with a convenience store bulletproof counter!

Creative Industries Provides Bulletproof Products for Convenience Stores

Installing convenience store bulletproof glass sends a message to the public, your employees, and to criminals: you take security seriously and you will not tolerate anything that puts your employees or your business at risk.

Creative Industries provides custom manufactured bullet resistant windows, counters, and drawers for convenience stores as well as sports arenas, banks, hotels, schools, and many other facilities. Architects trust our work because we’re reliable and we’ve been around for decades. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.