Bullet Resistant Products for Your Project

bullet proof windowsCertain design projects require the safety of bullet resistant products like windows, drawers, and pass-thrus, including:

  • -Banks
  • -Convenience stores
  • -Government buildings
  • -High schools
  • -Hospitals
  • -Hotels/motels
  • -Police stations
  • -Stadiums


Even elementary schools now often require bullet proof windows. But whatever the building, if you need bullet-resistant products, you need a vendor who can provide the custom sizing you need as well as the look you want.


Creative Industries has decades of experience manufacturing bullet resistant products, making and often testing components in our on-site shop.

While we offer standard bullet resistant window types, we can accommodate different heights and widths, cutting the glass to specific measurements and then literally building a custom-size frame.

If you want to mix and match certain pass-thrus with a window that doesn’t normally offer the one you prefer, we can configure that for you as well

Perhaps your project includes bullet resistant and non-bullet resistant glass, tempered glass, or various glazing. We will gladly customize your order so you can get the look and flow that’s right for your design.

Product Lines

We offer a variety of bullet-resistant window styles, as well as deal trays, drawers, and pass-thrus. We have several design patents, including our talk-thru 5-D a unique choice which provides the right look to complement your design.

Among our other popular specialty designs is a steel countertop with drawer in a complete assembly, offering the drawer and counter in one piece, and providing a much cleaner look; and transaction drawer 1724-SCL that automatically opens and closes when it’s pushed/pulled, eliminating the need (and bulk) of lids.

Insured Quality

We not only use good quality products in building our bullet resistant line of products, we stand behind everything. Creative Industries products are all covered at proper insurance levels, so you never have to worry about what is installed for your client.

Service Reliability

Architects have a million details to consider when drawing up plans. We make the provision of bullet resistant windows and drawers an easy part of your project. We have over 45 years of experience and a reputation in the industry for getting orders done seamlessly and on time.

Creative Industries has bullet resistant products to suit the various function and style requirements of your project. We’ll custom fit your order in our shop with quality US-made parts and deliver your order on schedule.

We look at your project as our project too. Contact us for more information.

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