Who Uses Bulletproof Glass?

Industries That Use Bulletproof Glass

bullet proof window with talk-thruCustomer-facing businesses in all industries are increasingly aware of the security threats they face today. Here are a few of the many industries that use bulletproof glass:

  • – Stadiums and Arenas
  • – Lodging Facilities
  • – Financial Institutions
  • – Convenience Stores
  • – Schools
  • – Police Stations

Bulletproof windows keep workers safe while allowing your business to do business. To be truly effective, the bulletproof glass should create a protective barrier while still making it easy for workers to exchange items and communicate.

Creative Industries has worked with several industries, but these are just a few of the most popular. If you do not see your industry listed, we’d still love to talk to you about how we can keep your employees and customers safe at your facility.

Below we break down how each of the listed industries uses bulletproof glass at their organization.

Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums and arenas are usually located in high-traffic areas, with box office workers exposed to large crowds at one time. These locations usually rely on windows with openings that are sized specifically for the efficient exchange of payments and tickets. These windows have the added benefit of keeping employees warm, a benefit when box offices are located outside.

Lodging Facilities

Hotels and motels must keep staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because their lobbies are completely unsecured at all times, hotel clerks are open to whatever foot traffic makes its way through. By putting those employees behind bulletproof windows, hotels and motels can keep front desk staff safe around the clock.

Financial Institutions

The history of security issues at banks is well known. Bank robbery isn’t as easy as it once was, thanks to surveillance cameras and security guards, but it still occasionally happens. Bulletproof windows are now being installed at banks and credit unions to protect employees who interact with customers.

Convenience Stores

Like hotels and motels, convenience stores often stay open 24 hours. Because of the security issues this brings, these locations can have a difficult time finding and keeping good employees. By installing bullet-resistant products, convenience stores can provide a safe place for workers while maintaining an opening big enough to pass through larger items like cigarette cartons.


While schools should be a safe place for students and teachers, numerous tragedies over the years have proven otherwise. School administrators are now taking measures to protect their school systems by requiring all visitors to pass through a front office to get to a locked area. Through the installation of bulletproof windows, the gatekeeper can screen all visitors while also staying safe.

Police Stations

Although they’ve long needed them, bulletproof windows at police stations are a relatively new development in many cities. With the use of bullet-resistant products in the lobby, police stations can screen visitors, keeping officers and administrative workers safe while still serving the public. There are options that can work within a local government’s budget to ensure its law enforcement workers feel safe while they’re at the station.

Bulletproof windows bring many benefits to workers in all industries. Any business that deals with the public can benefit from installing bullet-resistant products to protect those employees that regularly greet customers. When you keep your employees safe, you have an easier time attracting and retaining great workers.

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