Bulletproof Solutions for a Variety of Applications

Whether you call it bulletproof or bullet resistant, the protective barriers designed, manufactured, and installed by Creative Industries all have a common goal: To protect the people and operations of an organization or business from the threat of gun violence. When workers know their employer has invested in their safety and security, it means a lot to them. Most of the products in our catalog are specifically designed to protect employees and staff while still facilitating interactions and transactions between them and the customers and clients they serve. 

Creative Industries: Serving a Wide Range of Customers

The most in-demand items from our catalog are the Bulletproof and Bullet Resistant Glass products used in a wide variety of businesses, including many different styles of windows. Related bulletproof products include speak-thru devices, deal trays, transaction drawers, and pass-through cabinets. In our family-owned and operated business dating back to the 1970s, we’ve built a reputation in the industry for quality craftsmanship and excellence in customer service. Our clients know we’ll get the job done right the first time, every time. Take a look at some of our handiwork in each of the projects highlighted below on this portfolio page.

Atlanta Falcons and Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Creative Industries has manufactured and installed bullet-resistant ticket windows in all kinds of professional sports venues, including stadiums and arenas used by teams in Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and the National Football League. 

Back when the Atlanta Falcons were getting a new home arena, Creative Industries was the company chosen to make and install 24 custom bulletproof ticket windows for the $1.4 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium. These robust ticket windows were assembled on-site and installed for the safety and protection of stadium staff and business operations.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Major sporting venues like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) understand the importance of continuous improvement when it comes to safety and security, especially of their workers and their business operations. Back when IMS was undertaking a renovation project, it took advantage of the opportunity to boost security with the manufacture and installation of three custom bulletproof windows. These windows were a modified version of our standard Exchange Window with Lazy Susan Pass-Thru. The modifications included enlarging the overall size of the window, as well as the placement of a much larger lazy-Susan pass-thru to accommodate the increased transactions on a race.  

There was an urgency to this order as IMS and the architect wanted to finish the project before the upcoming races took place in a matter of weeks. They also knew they could rely upon the solid track record of quick turnaround, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service reputation of Creative Industries. As it turned out, we had the windows made and delivered within two weeks of the initial order being placed. 

Bulletproof Furniture for Schools

While everyone wants to think their children are safe at school, the horrifying school shootings that have happened over the past twenty-five years have made most realize there is no guarantee of safety despite whatever efforts have been or will be made. At Creative Industries, we realized there was a school safety need we could help meet by applying our deep expertise in bullet-resistant materials and protective barriers. In short, we set about creating school desks designed to provide bulletproof protection.

By doubling up layers of bulletproof fiberglass panels, then applying a special plastic coating overtop the fiberglass, and finally finishing it with Formica for a typical school desk finish, we created bulletproof furniture in the form of school desks students could hide behind and under should an active shooter incident be occurring at their school. These are the kinds of products we wish we didn’t need to make, but the reality of gun violence in schools across the USA demands more steps be taken to protect the nation’s greatest asset of all—the children and youth who represent the future. It should also be noted how the materials and methods we used for school desks can be adapted to other school furniture and features, including cafeteria tables, conference tables, and even classroom doors.

Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum

In preparation for its 75th anniversary, the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum received a serious update through a $63 million renovation. This important and historic venue hosts not only the Indiana State Fair but also hosts Indiana’s minor league hockey team, Indy Fuel, as well as IUPUI (Indiana University – Perdue University Indianapolis) basketball team.  

Creative Industries was chosen to be a part of this important project by building and installing custom bulletproof ticket windows. For this client, we customized our unique patented countertop and drawer combination, which is constructed of stainless steel and can also be weather-stripped to minimize energy loss. And we had everything completed inside of one month.

Kokomo Municipal Stadium

Every community gets excited when a new sports venue like a stadium is approved, and Kokomo was no exception. Sometimes the enthusiasm to complete a new stadium ahead of a sports season can result in some project details being overlooked. In the case of this municipal stadium, the missing detail was the ticket windows!

Creative Industries was called upon for our expertise in dealing with heavy-duty transparent barriers. For this project, bulletproofing was not part of the specifications. Instead, the request was for quarter-inch thick tempered glass. These custom windows for the Kokomo Municipal Stadium were needed as quickly as humanly possible, and Creative Industries got the job done in short order.

Plainfield High School Athletics

When a new high school was being built in Plainfield, Creative Industries was chosen by the project architect to be the “basis for design” for the ticket windows of the athletics complex for the school. This meant the contractor chosen for the build would have to use bulletproof ticket window products as good as the ones we make at Creative Industries.

As it turned out in this case, the contractor awarded the Plainfield High School job did in fact get the needed windows from Creative Industries. We have a long history of making and installing bulletproof ticket windows in many different sports venues because both architects and contractors know they can count on Creative Industries for products of the highest quality made right and delivered on time, every time. 

Creative Industries: Leaders in Bulletproof Glass and Related Products

As a bulletproof glass company serving a wide range of companies, organizations, and facilities in need of better safety and security for employees and operations, Creative Industries brings a reputation for excellence to its work. We make sure we understand each client’s needs even as we educate them on what makes the most sense for their specific context and concerns. Learn more about all our standard offerings on our products page while also knowing we can customize anything to better meet your needs. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is get in touch through the Contact Us page of our website or call us directly at 800-776-2068 to start the conversation!