Project Description

 Atlanta Falcons
Bullet Proof Windows

Bullet Resistant Ticket Windows for the Mercedes Benz Stadium

The Atlanta Falcons will soon call the Mercedes Benz stadium “home”. The $1.4 billion stadium offers the latest and greatest in sports architecture technology, from the retractable roof down to the bulletproof glass.

Bullet resistant windows as part of overall security

bullet resistant glass Atlanta arenaSafety is always a big concern with major league sports venues, starting with the physical plant. Having provided bullet proof windows for a wide array of NFL, MLA, NBA, and NHL stadiums, Creative Industries was tapped by project architects to provide 24 bullet resistant ticket windows for the new arena.

Too heavy to assemble on a bench, these custom windows had to be assembled beside the shipping crate.

Super Bowl and beyond

Selected as the host venue for Super Bowl LIII, the Mercedes Benz stadium is going to be a busy, high traffic area for quite a long time.