Bank Bulletproof Glass Keeps Employees Safe

Exchange-WindowThanks to bulletproof glass, bank tellers can feel more secure than ever as they interact with customers inside and at the drive-thru.

In addition to stationing security guards in lobbies and out front, banks have put this security measure in place to keep employees safe.

Bank bulletproof glass has come a long way over the years, with banks able to add features that make it easier to communicate with customers and exchange items.

Safe, Convenient Transactions

When searching for bulletproof glass for banks, institutions usually look for an option that includes a tray that makes it easy to exchange deposit slips and money.

If the bank bulletproof glass is installed at a drive-thru, weather resistance is important, with the window insulating the inside from outside weather. But customer service is also important.

Bulletproof windows for banks also must make it easy for employees to speak to customers during the transaction. This can be done either through the use of a microphone or a talk-thru device that carries sound from either side of the window.

With so many different types of bank bulletproof glass, it’s easier than ever to find the right type of glass to fit each area of the bank.

Bank Employee Security

The most important benefit of bulletproof security for banks is that it protects employees. This makes it easier to compete for the best employees. With so many banks putting security measures in place, bulletproof barriers for banks are expected. This means if your bank doesn’t have bulletproof glass protecting employees, you may lose good candidates.

Additionally, by having bank bulletproof glass in place, you’ll show your employees that you take their safety seriously. This will help increase morale and reduce worker turnover. Secure in the knowledge that they are protected, those employees will then be able to focus on providing the best possible customer service.

Bank bulletproof glass keeps employees safe without hampering customer service. When you choose the right setup to meet your own bank’s needs, you’ll be able to provide the perfect working environment for your bank’s teams.