Secure Drawers and Trays for Deals, Transactions, and Cash

Secure Cash Drawers

Because bulletproof windows must remain sealed at all times in order to keep workers safe and secure, there are other products made by Creative Industries that help facilitate a range of transactions between employees, pharmacists, and customers or patients. 

Our secure drawers and trays for deals, transactions, and cash are designed for both protection and safety while conducting business with clients and customers at the point-of-sale.

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When Business Safety is a Priority, Call Creative Industries

Mark and Mike Clark both entered the family business during their high school years back in the 1980s. As a local, family-owned and family-operated business dating all the way back to 1970, these brothers put their decades of experience crafting security solutions in the form of bullet-resistant barriers and bulletproof business transaction products to good use as they serve a wide range of clients across many different industries. 

Our customers include sporting and entertainment venues (stadiums and arenas), government buildings, banks, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, and more. When you need a security solution to protect your business and your employees from the threat of gun violence, call Creative Industries at 800-776-2068 to find out what they can do for you.

The Design Challenge of Safe Transaction

In order to pass items back and forth during transactions, whether it be cash, tickets, payment cards, or larger items, you might need something larger than our standard deal trays. The solution is to install a drawer that keeps employees safe while allowing cash exchanges and other transactions to take place. 

Keeping this opening sealed is a challenge from a design standpoint, but is absolutely necessary. Innovative designs keep these secure drawers convenient for customers and functional for businesses and employees, while also keeping them safe. 

Choosing a Style of Secure Drawer for Your Business

Creative Industries makes a range of products in this category to make sure you’ll be able to find something suitable for your needs and aesthetics. Options include the following:

  • Deal Drawers: These secure deal drawers are built into the countertops and remain flush with the counter itself. Their seamless appearance and ease of use save space and maintain an appealing design. Constructed of stainless steel, the design includes a full-width handle across the rear of the drawer along, smooth solid bearing slides, and a Lexan lid that stays closed when the drawer is extended. 
  • Cash Drawers: For those in need of high-durability solutions, the Cash Drawer 1618 is a great option. These drawers don’t utilize slides, which keeps them secure and ensures longevity. With stainless steel housing and a bullet resistant plastic drawer, the unit mounts in a countertop along the front edge. When the drawer slides out, the stainless-steel front panel pivots upward. Movement is controlled by a full-width handle across the rear of the drawer and the Lexan lid stays closed when the drawer is extended.
  • Transaction Drawers: Specialized transaction drawer options are available to meet your business needs while keeping employees safe and making transactions easy. For drive-up service, the 1924-DD line is ideal. Walks-ups will be impressed with the 1724-WW and 1728-WW drawers. The 1724-SS is great for both drive-up and walk-up customers, and the 2725-SS is the same style but designed for exterior walk-up and drive-up service as it is weather resistant. In both models the stainless steel front panel pivots upward and inward as the drawer moves outward. The 1724-SCL is a patented design giving businesses access to a drawer with no chance of the lid being left open when the drawer is extended. Finally, the A Series Transaction Drawers are all weather resistant as well as bullet resistant. The front stainless steel panel pivots upward as the drawer moves outward on smooth extension slides. The drawer locks with a drop bolt and the Lexan lid stays closed as the drawer is extended. 
  • Countertop with Drawer: This patented stainless-steel countertop design includes an incorporated secure drawer, making it a great fit for any stadium, motel, hotel, bank, and gas station. Ample space is provided on top for a writing surface. The drawer moves quietly on solid bearing slides and blends smoothly into the front of the countertop when closed.

If none of these products fit what you had in mind, talk to us! Additional varieties of secure transaction drawers are available, and we can also customize the solution you want to meet your needs. Most of these drawer products offer the most common level of protection from gun violence, which is UL 752 level 1.

Creative Industries Keeps Your Safety and Security in Mind

All the bulletproof products we make at Creative Industries are crafted with one goal in mind: To give business owners peace of mind that they’re protecting their business, pharmacy, and their employees from the threat of gun violence. We’ve worked with clients of all types, and among the more recognizable names we’ve served are Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Walmart, ABC, Chevron, Wells Fargo, and many more. They trust us to serve their needs, and so can you. Check out our portfolio page for some examples of our work and installations. Read our take on recent developments and industry happenings on our blog

At Creative Industries, you’ll never be treated like “just another client.” We work within a partnership based on mutual trust and effective communication and collaboration to understand your needs and then create a custom plan and the products required to meet those needs. To us, that’s just good business and we think you’ll also appreciate our competitive pricing. 

When your employees see you taking the time to invest in their safety and security, the result is higher productivity, better engagement, and improved morale. It’s an investment that pays itself back many times over. We look forward to connecting with you through the Contact Us page of our website or by telephone at 800-776-2068 to discuss your needs and prepare a quote for you.