Commercial Transaction and Cash Drawers

Secure Cash Drawers

Bulletproof windows have to remain sealed at all times to keep workers safe and secure. If your employees have to accept payments or hand products to customers, you need a safe way for this exchange to take place. Read More

Secure Transaction Drawers for Business Safety

The solution is to install a drawer that keeps employees safe while allowing cash exchanges and other transactions to take place. Keeping this opening sealed can be challenging from a design standpoint, but is absolutely necessary. Innovative designs keep these secure trays convenient for customers and functional for businesses and employees.

Many different styles of cash trays and deal drawers are available. Businesses can select from their unique features and functions to find a solution that fits their needs and aesthetics of their location.

  • Deal drawers — These secure options are built into the countertops and remain flush with the counter itself. Their seamless appearance and ease of use save space and maintain an appealing design.
  • Cash drawers — For those in need of high-durability solutions, the Cash Drawer 1618 is a great option. These drawers don’t utilize slides, which keeps it secure and ensures longevity.
  • Transaction drawers — Specialized transaction drawer options are available to meet your business needs while keeping employees safe and making transactions easy. For drive-up service, the 1924-DD line is ideal. Walks-ups will be impressed with the 1724-WW and 1728-WW drawers. The 1724-SS is great for both drive-up or walk-up customers. The 1724-SCL gives businesses access to a drawer whose lid will not remain open while the drawer is extended.
  • Countertops with drawer—This stainless steel countertop design includes an incorporated secure drawer, making it a great fit for stadiums, motels, hotels, banks, and gas stations.


More varieties of secure transaction drawers are available. Contact us to determine what option will meet your security needs for years to come.