Pass Thru Drawers Available for All Types of Businesses

pass thrusThe convenience of drive-thru and walk-up businesses create a challenge for owners and security to keep employees safe, while still providing service.

Pass-thru drawers are used by fast food restaurants, banks, gas stations, and convenience stores as a solution to accept payments, pass products, and conduct business transactions without any disturbance.

The most common barrier is bulletproof glass, which allows eye contact and communication, yet reduces the risk of robbery and harm. Still, there is the issue of passing products and payment back and forth.

At Creative Industries, Inc., we manufacture security pass-thru drawers for every size counter. Our pass-thru drawers enable you to perform transactions safely, maintaining a high level of protection for your employees.

Our sturdy, well-designed drawers offer convenience and security with an exclusive range of sizes that can be customized to meet your needs.

The Bullet Resistant Pass Thru Drawer

Pass thru drawers can be constructed for both countertops or below counter exchanges, using innovative designs and heavy duty materials to make them resistant to bullets in the same way the bulletproof glass is.

A security pass-thru drawer works in the same way as a typical drawer, yet has the added protection that only high-quality stainless steel can provide. There are many types to choose from – they can be fitted seamlessly into any counter structure.

Our range of Pass Hoppers offers versatility as well as safety. These hoppers can be installed on walls, counters, and even window openings.

If you need a pass-through drawer that will transfer currency, we supply drawers that allow you to easily make large product transactions and receive payment without compromising security.

Package receivers are also available for customers who need to pass larger products. Package receivers feature an interlocking system that keeps the interior panel locked. We also have a range of non-bullet resistant and bulletproof pass-thru drawers that are highly durable for long-term use.

Why Choose Us?

If you need access to safe, convenient, and durable pass-thru drawers, contact us today for a free quote. We’re happy to help you select the best pass-thru drawer for your needs.

We’re a family-owned business ourselves, providing other businesses of all sizes with windows and drawers and a variety of other bullet-resistant equipment, including bullet-resistant windows, deal trays, talk thrus, drawers, and more. Architects have trusted us as a “preferred vendor” for 40 years – and you can too. Contact us today.