Transaction Drawers Available for Every Environment

Transaction Drawer 1724-SSYour business deals with a combination of environments. Walk-up counters are found in banks, convenience stores, and event ticketing locations to facilitate easy transactions between customers and employees.

Transaction drawers have long been used at drive-thru windows, where glass is necessary to keep the interior of the bank safe from the elements.

But as security has become an increasing concern, banks and fast food restaurants have begun using bullet-resistant windows to keep employees safe.

Over time, this safety measure has moved inside the building, keeping workers isolated and safe through the use of bullet-resistant windows at the counter.

But this has brought an increased need for a way to pass products and payments between workers and employees without direct contact.

Bullet-Resistant Drawers

The transaction drawer moves inside, using the same technology that has powered drive-thru transactions for years to help employees sell cigarettes, tickets, and other products. But for an interaction to be fully secure, the drawer itself must be safe.

Bullet resistant transaction drawers have the same functionality of regular drawers with the added protection of durable stainless steel and bullet resistant plastic construction.

Available in a variety of types, bulletproof transaction drawers can be matched to your counter space for the perfect experience.

Unique Environments

Some drawers are geared toward drive-thru environments while others are suited for an interior setup. For ultimate safety, you should choose a drawer that keeps the lid in place when the drawer is extended to prevent your employee from being exposed.

Transaction drawers can be added during the new construction phase or after a building is already in use. It’s important you choose a transaction tray that is weatherproof and durable, especially if the drawer will be used on an exterior wall. It will likely be exposed to a great deal of use over time, depending on the traffic experienced at each window.

When you need of a security transaction drawer, there are a variety of options available. You can take a look at the different types of transaction drawers and find one that fits with your current counter setup and needs.

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