Bullet-Resistant Cash Drawer Options for Business

Cash Drawer 1618As a customer-facing business, you face an ever-growing need to keep your customers safe without affecting the quality of your customer service.

For banks, convenience stores, and ticket windows, this can also mean transacting payments and merchandise without putting employees in direct contact with customers.

If you’re now using bulletproof windows, this means creating a cash drawer that keeps both employees and internal contents safe at all times.

Made with a durable housing and counter-based mount, a POS cash drawer is designed to support your staff’s daily work in a way that keeps the divide between the customer and employee sealed at all times.

Which point of sale cash drawer you choose can vary depending on the existing environment, however, so it’s important to know your options.

Countertop Installation

Most POS-based drawers are installed directly into the countertop, so you must consider the material and space available before choosing a drawer.

Generally, a cash drawer for sale is made from a durable stainless steel built to be bullet resistant. This supports the security that’s provided by your bullet-resistant windows.

Another feature of a bullet-resistant drawer is when it slides, the lid can remain closed when the drawer is open. Your employee can then deposit cash, gather change, and deliver the change to the customer without concern of being exposed.

Convenience is also important, so you should check the handle type before choosing a cash drawer for your counter areas.

If you’re concerned about security, a cash drawer is an important part of your transaction setup. When combined with a bullet-resistant window and other accessories, your employees can be protected from any external threats without sacrificing the ability to provide great service to the many customers who visit each day.

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