Deal Drawer Offers Protection for Employees

Deal Tray 1210-S, 1610-S and 1411-SRetailers and banks face a dilemma. How can you keep employees safe while still being able to serve customers? Bulletproof glass can keep workers safe from the customers on the other side, but how do they exchange items with customers without making direct contact?

Banks have long used a deal drawer to conveniently transact items with customers at the drive-thru.

Large items like deposit bags can be sent from the customer to the teller while still keeping employees behind the bullet-resistant glass.

In recent years, retailers and banks have learned the benefits of deal drawers inside their businesses as well.

Protection You Can Trust

A bulletproof deal drawer extends the protection provided by the glass window between the customer and the employee. Made from durable stainless steel, these drawers ensure employees remain protected at all times from the person on the other side of the window. Depending on the size of the drawer, you can easily exchange payment and merchandise with customers throughout the day.

A deal drawer is installed into the existing countertop structure in a way that makes it easily accessible to people on both sides. The drawer is built to slide easily in and out and concessions are made for employees who work from a seated position.

Multiple Options

The type of deal drawer you choose largely depends on the unique environment in which you operate. If you are undergoing a new construction, the counter area can be built to match the drawer type you prefer.

However, with an existing construction, it’s important to find a drawer that can be built into your countertop with minimal construction required. Drawers can be built in a way that is ergonomically pleasant for unique workers.

If you’re concerned with employee security, a bullet resistant deal drawer is a great way to keep your staff safe without sacrificing customer convenience.

There are many different types of drawers available, each constructed to meet your unique set of safety requirements and convenience preferences.

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