Pass Thrus

Pass Thru Cabinets Provide Secure Package Transfers for Business

Keeping your business secure is a challenge to begin with. Do your workers handle large packages? Transferring those to customers while maintaining top-of-the-line worker safety and business security with bullet proof windows can be incredibly difficult. The solution to this problem is a pass thru cabinet. Read More

Secure Pass Thru Cabinets for Business Safety

Different business have different sizes of packages they need a pass thru cabinet to accommodate. For some, an opening large enough for a two-liter soda or a milk carton is sufficient. For others, a significantly larger opening is required to hold large or oddly shaped deliveries. Pass thru cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet a business’ unique needs. Type of pass thrus available include:

  • Pass Hopper – This versatile line can be installed in many areas, including counters, walls, and windows. Many sizes of the Pass Hopper are available to make transfers of larger packages convenient and simple.
  • Pass Thru/Deal Tray Combo – This unique design incorporates design elements from Deal Trays and Pass Thrus for a versatile solution. Items as large as an eight-pack of drinks can be transferred through the Pass Thru section of the tray, making this a flexible solution for many applications.
  • Package Receivers – Ideal for transferring large items, all models in this line feature an interlocking mechanism that keeps the interior door closed while the exterior door is open to maximize worker security. These can be ordered with or without visibility panels to allow items inside the receiver to be seen.
  • Exterior Lazy Susans – This line features a simple turntable mechanism for transferring items.
  • Other Items – Available options include an energy-efficient and bullet-resistant Safti Server or a pivoting shelf Energy Pal Pass Thru that is not bullet resistant.

Our diverse pass thru cabinet options will meet most business needs that transfer items of many sizes. Contact Us for help determining what solution will work best for your business challenges.