Secure Transactions with Bullet Resistant Pass-Through Cabinets

(For Items, Specimens, Packages)

Our bullet-resistant deal trays provide excellent protection when the only things needing to be passed back and forth are money, a credit card, tickets, receipts, and so on. When transactions include passing larger items such as packages back and forth, then you’ll want a larger-capacity pass-thru tray or cabinet. The good news is that Creative Industries has the solution, and it still offers the bullet-resistant security you want for your business and your employees. This kind of bulletproof equipment is incorporated into the design of the larger bullet-resistant window through which an employee interacts with customers.

Pass Thru Cabinets Provide Secure Package Transfer for Business

Keeping your business secure is a challenge to begin with. If your workers handle packages of various sizes during customer transactions, protecting employees becomes increasingly complex. Creative Industries makes nearly a dozen different types of larger-capacity pass-through trays, hoppers, cabinets, and rotating pass-thrus to facilitate customer service and transactions that include larger packages. If none of the products described on this page can meet your unique needs and requirements, we can customize a product for you. All you have to do is give us a call toll-free at 800-776-2068 and we’ll be happy to learn more about your needs and discuss how we can meet them.

Types of Businesses Needing Pass-Thru Solutions

Our secure pass-through cabinets and trays (passers and hoppers) are excellent solutions for any business operation where employees conduct customer service transactions that include handling packages that are too large for smaller trays meant for only cash, a credit card, a document, or paperwork. Different businesses have different sizes of packages they need to accommodate. For some, an opening large enough for a two-liter soda or a milk carton is sufficient. For others, a significantly larger opening is required to hold large or oddly shaped deliveries. Creative Industries products in the pass-through category can be used at a post office, shipping agent, convenience store, pharmacy, and even a medical clinic or facility that includes submission of specimens. 

Bullet-Resistant Pass-Through Options by Creative Industries

Pass thru cabinets, hoppers, and trays come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs. The various types of pass thrus available from Creative Industries include the following:

Pass Hopper: This versatile line can be installed in many areas, including counters, walls, and windows. Many sizes of the Pass Hopper are available to make the transfer of larger packages convenient and simple. These pass hoppers pivot outward for customer access and inward for employee access. They have only one moving part, which means they are virtually maintenance-free. The largest hopper in the product category can accommodate items as large as a gallon of milk. All are made from stainless steel and can offer either Level I or Level III bullet-resistant protection. Weatherstripping is also available for exterior use.  

Pass Thru/Deal Tray Combo: Our unique patented design of this product gives you the best of both worlds-a normal deal tray that can also serve as a pass-thru for larger items. This versatile solution can handle all the normal things expected of a standard deal tray, including cash, payment cards, change, receipts, tickets, and so on. The innovative tilted drum design, however, can be used to accommodate items as large as an eight-pack of drinks or a large bag of coins. This swivel-thru feature is bulletproof in all positions. This combo item is16%u02DD wide x 18%u02DD deep x 10%u02DD high and is constructed of stainless steel. With the appearance of a normal deal tray, it fits in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your counters.

Package Receivers: Ideal to transfer large items, all models in this line feature an interlocking mechanism that keeps the interior door closed while the exterior door is open in order to maximize worker security. The clear model is constructed of acrylic and aluminum, with a base made of laminated plywood and bullet-resistant fiberglass. All models in this category can offer either Level I or Level III bulletproof protection. The stainless-steel models can have vision panels on both the front and rear doors as desired.

Exterior Lazy Susan: This line features a simple turntable mechanism for transferring items. It is constructed with stainless steel sides, a clear acrylic window for viewing contents, and the top and bottom are made of bullet-resistant plastic. There is only one moving part, which is the smooth movement of the inner drum using the crank handle on top to turn the drum 180 degrees. The lock is locked with a drop bolt. In its locked position, the stainless-steel drum is turned toward the customer for maximum security. It can be mounted on a countertop or in-wall opening, and weatherstripping is available for exterior applications.

Additional Options: Our energy-efficient and bullet-resistant Safti Server is a patented design featuring a shelf that turns both inward and outward to allow access to contents, while the shelf extends approximately 15″ from the face of the building when turned to the customer. The design locks with the two adjacent acrylic doors to form an insulated barrier between outside and inside air. It can be mounted on a window ledge, in a wall opening, or on a countertop. The top, bottom, and shelf are made of bullet-resistant plastic. The sides are clear or dark bronze anodized aluminum. The doors are clear 1.25%u2033 thick acrylic. This product provides Level I bullet-resistant protection. A similar model is available, the Energy Pal Pass Thru, which is not bullet resistant.

Gun Violence: The Problem That Just Won’t Go Away

In a perfect world, your business and your employees wouldn’t have to worry about gun violence. The sad truth is that the world is far from perfect, and the threat of gun violence continues to be an urgent concern for companies and organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Violent crime, in general, skyrocketed in 2021, making it one of the deadliest years in decades for deaths from gun violence. More than 20,000 were killed with guns in the first half of 2021 alone, which means businesses must be more vigilant than even in protecting their workers from gun violence. 

Lawmakers and political leaders are scrambling to figure out what their policy response should be to address the rising problem. Meanwhile, businesses need to take more immediate action to protect their operations and their workers. Bullet-resistant barriers that still facilitate customer service interactions are a good way to achieve greater safety and security in a time of rising gun violence. You can learn more about how bulletproof products are made, as well as the levels of protection offered by bullet-resistant products, which for bulletproof glass has to do with its thickness

A Trusted Partner in Bulletproof Protective Barriers: Creative Industries

Creative Industries manufactures a wide range of bullet-resistant products to help your business or organization protect its personnel from the threat of gun violence while working. Workers who see their employer investing in this kind of safety and protection can make them more productive and boost their morale. We also provide you with installation guidance to make sure the products you purchase are properly installed at your facility. 

Our website has all kinds of information beyond the details of the products we make. We provide pages devoted to bulletproofing needs for particular industries, including stadiums and arenas, hospitals, schools, government buildings, banks, convenience stores, and more. There are also many articles available on our blog about various aspects of bullet-resistant products and how they are made and used. 

We’ve been in this business since the 1970s as a family-owned and operated company known for going the extra mile to provide excellent customer service that meets your needs. Our diverse pass thru cabinet options will meet most business needs that transfer items of many sizes. Contact Us for help determining which solutions will work best to meet your business challenges around keeping your company and your employees safe from rising gun violence.