Pass Hopper with Flange

Level I or III Bullet Resistant

specwizardThe Pass Hopper PHE-3 allows installation on counter, in the wall, or use in window opening. Accommodates items as large as a gallon of milk.


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Bullet Resistant Pass Hopper with Flange

Constructed of stainless steel. Easily mounts as part of your counter, wall or window. For customer access, the hopper pivots outward – likewise it pivots inward to provide operator access.

With only one moving part, the Pass Hopper requires little or no maintenance. For use outside, the Pass Hopper is equipped with weatherstripping. Standard models provide Level I bullet resistant protection; you may also choose Level III protection as an option.

This Pass Hopper is available with stationary exterior flange and loose adjustable flange for rear side on all models.

Construction: Stainless Steel
Level I or III bullet resistant

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stainless steel, Level I or III bullet resistant