Talk Thrus

Bullet Resistant Talk Thrus for Ticket Windows

For retail and service businesses that engage with customers throughout the day and night, communicating safely with the public is key. Bullet-resistant glass has become one of the most important components in retail security, and as a result, businesses are looking for solutions that offer a high level of protection without interfering with the all-important customer service experience.

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Voice Transmission Talk Thrus

Talk Thrus are built directly into bullet-resistant glass, transmitting voices clearly without any sacrifice in safety or protection. Talk Thrus utilize stainless steel components and small slots for easy sound transmission. Based on your business’ specific needs, there are a wide variety of solutions from which to choose. These options include:

  • No. 5-D Talk Thru: Measuring five inches in diameter, the No. 5-D Talk Thru provides natural sounding voice transmission, utilizing vertical louvers.
  • No. 6-D Talk Thru: Designed for optimum voice transmission, this six inch diameter model uses circular louvers.
  • No. 5-FR Talk Thru: Similar to the 5-D, the 5-R has smaller slots while offering natural voice transmission.
  • No. 6-FR Talk Thru: With small holes rather than circular louvers, this model is similar to the 6-D.
  • No. 8-D Talk Thru: Designed for applications that face the outside of a building, the 8-D uses a tensed clear plastic diaphragm to promote natural voice transmission while preventing air flow to the outside.
  • No. 11-D Talk Thru: Similar to the 8-D, the 11-D has the same valuable features with a larger profile.
  • SC-100 Talk Thru: This model uses two-way electronics to provide amplified voice transmission. At the same time, it takes up the smallest amount of window space, measuring only 4 inches in diameter.

Regardless of which option you choose, each Talk Thru provides excellent protection as well as clear, natural sound and high-quality construction.