Customer Service with Bullet Resistant Speak Thru Windows

Windows made of bullet-resistant glass have to be thick enough to stop a bullet. In environments where the window stands between the employee of a business and a customer of that business, necessary communication during transactions would be impossible without some modifications. How can you achieve an optimal level of security and protection without hampering the critical customer service aspect of your business? This is when our bullet-resistant talk thru windows save the day.

Creative Industries: Delivering Bulletproof Solutions Since 1970 

The bulletproof products of Creative Industries are used in a wide variety of settings for added safety and security. When it comes to a bulletproof solution for settings ranging from a stadium to hospitals, Creative Industries is a leading manufacturer who delivers. As a family-owned and operated company, we’ve been doing this work for more than fifty years, which means our expertise and commitment to quality run deep. Call us at 800-776-2068 to learn more, discuss your bulletproofing needs, and get a quote for our services.

Adding a Talk Thru to Your Bullet Resistant Window

You’ll find Creative Industries offers a wide range of bulletproof window options to fit your business needs. Talk thrus are built directly into bullet-resistant glass, transmitting voices clearly without any sacrifice in safety or protection. These speak thrus utilize stainless steel components and small slots for easy sound transmission. Based on your specific needs, there are a variety of solutions from which to choose, including the following options:

No. 5-D Talk Thru
Bullet Resistant No. 5-D Talk Thru

Measuring five inches in diameter, the No. 5-D Speak Thru provides natural sounding voice transmission, utilizing vertical louvers. The slots are offset from front to back for maximum protection. Made of stainless steel, provides Level I bullet resistant protection with glass thickness ranging from .25” to 1.25” and is available in both interior and exterior models. 
No. 6-D Speak Thru

Designed for optimum natural voice transmission, this six-inch diameter model uses circular louvers. Made of cast stainless steel talk thru design offers natural voice transmission with evenly spaced louvers. Available as either interior or exterior model. Fits glass thickness ranging from .25″ to 1.875″ and offers Level III bullet resistant protection.
No. 5-FR Talk Thru

Similar to the 5-D, the 5-R has smaller slots while offering natural voice transmission. This five-inch diameter speak through has offset slots in front and rear, is made of stainless steel, fits glass ranging from .25″ to 1.25″ in thickness, is available in both interior and exterior modes, and offers Level I bullet resistant protection.
No. 6-FR Speak Thru

With small holes rather than circular louvers, this six-inch model is similar to the 6-D with offset holes in front and rear to provide natural voice transmission. Available as interior or exterior model fitting glass ranging from .25˝ to 1.875˝ thick. This stainless steel speak thru is available in both Level I and Level III bullet resistant protection models. 
No. 8-D Talk Thru
Bullet Resistant Talk Thru No. 8-D

Specifically designed for applications facing the outside of a building, the 8-D uses a tensed clear plastic diaphragm with perforated screen on the outside and bullet resistant shield on the inside for natural voice transmission while preventing air flow. Made of cast aluminum and plastic, it can fit glass from .25″ to 1.875″ thick and is available in Level I or Level III protection models. Available in clear or dark bronze anodized finish.
No. 11-D Speak Thru
Bullet Resistant No 11 D Talk Thru

Similar to the 8-D, the 11-D has the same valuable features in a larger profile with its 11-inch diameter. Made of cast aluminum and plastic, it can fit glass from .25″ to 1.875″ thick and is available in Level I or Level III protection models. This talk thru is available in clear or dark bronze anodized finish.
SC-100 Talk Thru
Bullet-Resistant-SC-100-Talk-ThruThis model uses two-way electronics to provide amplified voice transmission in noisier settings. It also takes up the smallest amount of window space 4-inch diameter. Made from aluminum, the standard model has a gooseneck microphone for the operator and plugs into a 115-volt duplex outlet for continuous duty or battery pack for DC operation. This product offers Level III bullet resistant protection.

Your Partner for Peace of Mind: Creative Industries

As long as gun violence remains a threat, there will be a need for businesses and organizations to protect their employees and the public with bullet-resistant barriers. The bulletproof windows we make at Creative Industries give you peace of mind that you’ve made the right investment in safety and security. Your employees will no doubt appreciate that investment. Every product we offer can be customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. We also take pride in offering our products as prices that put the security you deserve within reach of even small business owners. Drop us a line using the contact page of our website or feel free to give us a call direct at 800-776-2068 to discuss your needs and get a quote.