Bullet Proof Windows for Your Stadium Project

bullet proof window with talk-thruWhen designing a stadium or other event venue, installing bullet proof windows is an essential building block. These windows act as shields, giving employees on the other side the security they need to do their work. Stadium ticket agents face a certain element of risk, especially if they accept cash. Bullet resistant windows help minimize that risk.

As an architect, you also care about the look and flow of your design. Window size is often custom and the design of the talk-thru is an important element of the overall look.

Experience with Stadiums

Creative Industries knows what you need for stadiums and arenas – we’ve worked with approximately 25 percent of these venues around the country. You’ll see our bullet resistant ticket windows installed in a variety of major league sports centers, including:

  • -Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
  • -Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis
  • -Coors Field, Denver
  • -Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
  • -Marlins Baseball Stadium, Miami
  • -PNC Park, Pittsburgh
  • -Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay
  • -Red Bull Arena, New Jersey

We also have windows in a variety of college and university stadiums, and hundreds of high school stadiums.

Types of Bullet Proof Windows

When you’re drawing up plans for a sports arena, finding a vendor like Creative Industries makes your work easier. We have decades of experience in manufacturing custom bullet proof windows, a reputation for reliable and good quality work, and a varied selection of design patented talk-thrus.

Our window styles include:

Ticket Windowan ideal window for outdoor areas, since it protects the employee from the weather on the other side, with items passed through the drawer below

Lazy Susanemployees place items on a spinning disc, minimizing the area of the window that is accessible to customers

Exchange Window—items passed through a slot in the stainless steel tray, and designed for an inside area not exposed to the elements

Sliding Windowallows employees to move the glass over to interact with customers for venues where safety is a concern, but ability to converse is necessary

Creative Industries has a catalog of windows to suit the various function and style requirements of your project. We’ll custom fit your order in our on-site shop and we’ll get the order delivered on your schedule. Your project is our project – and we make sure your client gets a seamless experience whether you need 5 windows or 25 windows.

Top-Quality Glass

Our bullet resistant glass is built to the highest safety standards on the market today, ensuring you get what you want.

And because we have such a large selection of bullet proof windows, you can find the right window to complement your design.

Whether those windows will be outside or in the lobby, it’s important to meet your client’s requirements for safety and aesthetics – we will do it well and deliver everything on time. Contact us for more information.